The Greenhouse – a multi-prompt story

wilted purple rose by Sharon McCutchen on Unsplash

“Well Claude, I think I’ll be going to bed now. Thank you for the game.” Gynnie looked down at the chess board, she had lost. Again. She glanced once more at Claude’s filmy, wispy countenance. He was tired as well, she could tell by the abstract patterns floating in his transparency. Claude was what most people would call a ghost. Gynnie thought of him more as a manifestation of a restless spirit. It sounded much more scientific and less likely to frighten other living folk.

Gynnie knew Claude’s story. The story of his murder. How the land developers had discovered his grisly corpse buried in the woods. When she bought the house, the area had been newly replanted and she had been warned by the locals that nothing would grow on that plot of dirt that had once hidden the body because of the curse the victim had lain on the land.

“Pish, posh!” Gynnie had exclaimed. He just needs some closure. Shortly after, she’d held a séance and met Claude. They became fast friends although neither of them knew why no plants would grow over his grave. Claude was sorry that Gynnie couldn’t have the flower garden she wanted but he had no idea about any curse on the land.

Gynnie was determined not to let anything stop her and so the very next day, she put up a greenhouse over the grave site. Filled with beautiful potted plants, nothing touched the cursed soil, yet the air was still filled with beauty and fragrance.

A few weeks later, and unearthly keening filled the air and darkness filled the greenhouse. The curse it seemed had nothing to do with Claude’s murder.

Written for the following prompts
Three things challenge from The Haunted Wordsmith:  Corpse, Murder, Greenhouse

Word of the day challenge Manifestation

One Daily Prompt Frighten

FOWC with Fandango — Abstract


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