Alice Goes Swimming

11.4.18 3tc
Photo Credit: George Grall, National Aquarium

Alice was bored, and tired, and hot. She lay on the grass beneath the shade of the largest tree in the orchard. She was making a daisy chain, watching the other children swimming in the lake. Alice wasn’t allowed to swim alone. Her mother told her stories of children that were captured unaware in the lake and never heard from again. They were taken by the “Ooguay.” Continue reading “Alice Goes Swimming”

The Greenhouse – a multi-prompt story

wilted purple rose by Sharon McCutchen on Unsplash

“Well Claude, I think I’ll be going to bed now. Thank you for the game.” Gynnie looked down at the chess board, she had lost. Again. She glanced once more at Claude’s filmy, wispy countenance. He was tired as well, she could tell by the abstract patterns floating in his transparency. Claude was what most people would call a ghost. Gynnie thought of him more as a manifestation of a restless spirit. It sounded much more scientific and less likely to frighten other living folk. Continue reading “The Greenhouse – a multi-prompt story”

Karaoke Night

For the haunted wordsmith daily challenge Steampunk


Noemei was waiting in the car when Star came out of the bungalow. Star smiled at her friend and took her place in the passengers seat of two seat carriage. The carriage sat low to the ground and Star automatically swept the skirt of her black mini dress under herself as she sat on the leather seat. The automatronic horses with their elaborate detailed clockwork looked almost live. The driver nodded once Star was settled and powered up the automatons. Continue reading “Karaoke Night”

Three Things Challenge – final round

For the final 3TC from the haunted wordsmith   farewell, retirement, pasture

train and prairie

As she gazed out over the pasture, the grasses fading now to tan, she felt the fond farewell of Summer in the air. “Time to go,” she spoke to none but the gentle winds. Turned around with a final glance, back to the retirement party.

A Dangerous Enterprise


For the first part of the story see: The Emperor and the Warrior

Kya walked with the Emperor into the back room, he waved his guards aside and they stood outside the door. Kya sized him up, taking the measure of the man, not the emperor. He was tall, trim but muscular with the athletic yet supple build of someone proficient in the martial arts. Kya decided that yes, he would be a worthy opponent on a physical level.

“What service do you require of me?” Kya asked, leaving the end of the question open for him to provide a name if he desired but she would NOT call him my some ridiculous title. Continue reading “A Dangerous Enterprise”

Multi-prompt Monday — Coddiwomple

violin pexels

A Dithering Coddiwomple

Solanj stood staring up at the statue of the gargoyle. How like life, this stone monster. Hideous and beautiful at the same time. Taking precious time and energy to sculpt. She felt that curious detachment that had been the focus of her existence since the day. The day when her world changed, the day when… enough of this! Solanj shook her head and face forward strode straight into the cathedral.

In the corner a young girl played a violin. So sweet and pure was her song that Solanj was certain it could make the angels weep in envy. She headed to the front of the chapel where an elderly priest was seated, watching the violinist and gently smiling. Continue reading “Multi-prompt Monday — Coddiwomple”

Old Blue Eyes

apple orchard pixabay

It was a gorgeous day. The air clean and crisp from the night’s rainfall. Marianne was making a belated welcome breakfast for her nieces who were visiting the farm. Apple pancakes would be just the ticket. Marianne watched the twins descending the spiral staircase, wondering at their differences. For all that they were identical twins, they didn’t look anything alike. They were both delicately built, ginger hair and emerald eyes. That’s where the similarity ended. Feena was fastidious, hair brushed and neatly pulled back in an elaborate french braid, washed and dressed and ready for her day. Teena was … well, not exactly lazy but she seemed completely unaware of her personal appearance. Still in PJs, unwashed, with hair sticking every which way and eyes still swollen with sleepiness. Continue reading “Old Blue Eyes”

Which Path You Take

Alice photo Prawny on pixabay

In response to The Haunted Worsmith’s Three Things Challenge —  Caterpillar, silent, hotel

Every thing was quiet at the Suddenly Silent Hotel. Of course things always were. The hotel was established for those in need of an auditory rest and silence was the rule. There were mufflers on all of the furniture, quilts hung on the walls. The only conversations held were in sign language. This worked out wonderfully for Laurel, the hotel cook, concierge, and maid. Laurel had been deaf and mute since birth. Continue reading “Which Path You Take”

Fan Fiction

flames skitterphoto-49-default

“It had been many years since Dustfinger had set foot in Inkworld. Trapped he had been, in the human world, searching, searching, always searching for a way home and back to his family. Now he was here and he did a little skip and dance through the meadow. The autumn grass heavy with seed and the color of the wild flowers fading. Dustfinger hated winter, made it so difficult for him to work his fire magic in the cool temperatures of winter. But he was better now, stronger; no longer the weak-willed minor character he had been written. He was powerful, in a burst of elation, he conjured a spark into his hand and blew out his dragon breath. The flame flew from his hand in a single wave, shaped itself into the form of a dragon, and … wait… something was wrong, the dragon had run amok, devouring the dry autumn grass in huge flames. Continue reading “Fan Fiction”