30 day song challenge – Day 15

30 day song challenge

Todays prompt: A song you like that’s a cover by another artist

The main one that comes to mind for me, is The Rainbow Connection.  Originally written for Muppets Movie, recorded by Kermit in 1979 it was subsequently covered by:

Judy Collins – 1980 album running for my life
Kenny Loggins 1994 album return to Pooh corner
Willie Nelson 2001 album Rainbow Connection
and by so many others it’s remarkable. A truly great song. Enjoy.

The Rainbow Connection

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The Governor’s Ball

bracelet pexels

For Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge.  This week’s prompt:  Canine

The Governor’s Last Ball

Solanj checked the full-length mirror one final time. The costume was perfect. Hair extension, lifts in the low-heeled boots, elaborate makeup and partial mask combined into an effective disguise. She twisted the long hair into a sloppy bun and secured it with her kanzashi.

The skin tight leather leggings and elaborate bodice that left her midriff bare should guarantee the Governor’s attention. Solanj arrived at the ball shortly after the beginning hour and blended quickly in with the crowd. It did not take her long to spot her quarry, a short, squat man, graying at the temples and sporting a vampire costume. Continue reading “The Governor’s Ball”

30 Day Song Challenge – Day 14

30 day song challenge

I have a feeling that this prompt may have been intended for folks younger than I. Or at least those who haven’t been married forever. But, that said. I’d love to have this one by Kenny Chesney played because it’s exactly what happened to me. I knew the moment I laid eyes on Superhubs. It took him a little longer to figure it out. Continue reading “30 Day Song Challenge – Day 14”

Twittering Tale – # 114

Thanks to Kat for this week’s Twittering Tale prompt. Do check out all the great entries and join in the fun here.

little-boy-mabelamber on pixabay

Timmy and Billy crouched near the hole in the old tree.
“It was a Leprechaun.”
“Naw, squirrel.”
Suddenly, a tiny winged man appeared, tapping his foot and yelling “I am NOT a Leprechaun!”
Timmy and Billy turned to each other nodding wisely, “Squirrel!”

Character count 274

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Make a Joyful Noise – Day 13

30 day song challenge

Today’s prompt: A song you like from the 1970’s. Really? That’s not a prompt, that’s a library or bibliography. I mean seriously, I was in HIGH SCHOOL and a young adult in the 1970’s. I graduated high school, got married, got divorced, got married again, and had a child, moved over 1,000 miles 4 times. It was a busy decade and, let’s be honest, the music was awesome! Asking me to pick a song is like, … well I don’t know what it’s like but it’s nigh impossible. Continue reading “Make a Joyful Noise – Day 13”

Make a Joyful Noise – Day 12

30 day song challenge

Today’s prompt “a song from your preteen years”

Oh man! Does banging sticks together to make fire count? OK, I’m not THAT old (unless you’re talking to my great grandchildren, then yeah, I’m that old). Wow, this really takes me back, like a lot, I mean dude, c’mon. Yep, I’m a Californian from the 50’s 60’s and 70’s. Just a side note on how I do my research for this challenge. Every day, I look at the prompt and then go through my music archives. I’ve got most of my music in digital formats and it’s searchable but it’s filed by artist, not year or type of music. So I do a lot of random browsing to come up with these. Then I plug in my ear buds and listen to the song to remind myself of any words I might have forgotten and see if it “feels” right for the prompt. Continue reading “Make a Joyful Noise – Day 12”