For JI Rogers Six Word Story challgenge: Chicken

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Engines roar, drivers face off. GO!


Out the Window

FFfAW 9.10
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For the FFfAW photo prompt above

Out the Window

The rain had been falling all morning, causing condensation on the inside of the car window. Julia tried to look out it, but just couldn’t. She knew where they were going. She didn’t need to see it. Soon they entered the little pocket of urban gardens and backyard pools that once she had called home.

Julia wiped a bit of the moisture from the passenger’s window and peered out. She knew all too well the ugliness that lurked just beneath the peaceful facade. The lies, lust, and greed permeated the very air clinging to the window. Silver Hollow, home of beautiful houses, manicured lawns and well tended gardens. And the most grisly double murder in the history of the county. The murder of her parents.

They turned down the lane. Plop, plop plop, the rain fell like fat tears and Julia watched out the window.

Word count 148

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

Kraken – Multi prompt micro fiction

sea storm pexels
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The tempestuous sea roiled with heavy waves. The ship, her grace and bearings lost, surrendered to the wild pitch and yaw. Jack stood braced against the mast for stability. He had sent Helen below for safety before the storm had intensified.

As he tried desperately to batten down the remaining open hatches, he glimpsed something through the pouring rain. Jack paused and watched, the rolling waves were interrupted by a suspiciously bland circle. As he watched in horror, a huge maelstrom formed, lined with triangular protrusions. What the?!? Were those TEETH???

The Kraken opened it’s huge maw and swallowed the little boat whole. A suitable way to retaliate for the intrusion into it’s sacred waters.

Based on the following prompts:
RDP grace
FOWC stability
WOTD tempestuous
DAP retaliate

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Fairy Ring

FFfAW 181

The storm had passed and the sunrise brought a new day. Beatrice was looking out the window at the pasture across the road. She watched the mist that rose from the cool damp of the ground.

In her mind she heard the tiny voices call. “Fairies,” she muttered. Finally, the call to adventure was more than she could bear. Beatrice darted out of the house and across the road. There, under the old sycamore tree, she found the fairy ring. She stepped inside and was instantly surrounded by tiny winged beauties. They fluttered around her in circles. She felt herself shrink and change until, at last, she was a fairy herself.

“Princess Beatry,” they called to her. “Where shall we go today.”

She looked at her subjects and smiled. “On an adventure my lovelies!” Princess Beatry launched herself into the air and was followed by a hundred fairies.

“Wake up Beatrice, wake up my darling.”

Mother’s soft voice roused Beatrice from her nap.

Word count 164

Written for FFfAW 181

I’m Sorry


For A Writers Life   jsw prompt

Her body was battered and bruised when Bill found her huddled near the dumpster. How the devil had the bastard found her? Bill grabbed a blanket from the trunk of his sedan and ran to where she lay. “Oh please don’t let her be dead,” he uttered a silent prayer to whoever might be listening. Continue reading “I’m Sorry”


bracelet pexels

Solanj walked quickly to the train depot and boarded without complication. Traveling by train was so much simpler than by air. No need to worry about concealed weapons being x-rayed. Not that it bothered Solanj. She was perfectly capable of completing her job without the need for complicated weaponry. Solanj was a practitioner of sophisticated yet simple direct action. She reached down to touch the purple silk braid of her bracelet. Interwoven with silver wire, it was an effective weapon and no-one surpassed her expertise with her weapon of choice. She smiled as the train pulled away from the station.

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Written for: Masters of Writing Fiction 100 word story challenge: Concealed