Intro and Disclaimers

Welcome to Wide Eyed Wonderings, I’m JP your hostess. This is kind of an experiment in blogging. I am a chronic illness sufferer aka “Spoonie.” I am a retired “bean counter” and former full-time RVer. Now I spend my days watching birds and the lake making questionable art and writing bad poetry. This is my retirement plan.

Please, I’m asking nicely, no negative or snarky comments. Seriously, I’ll just delete them and really, who needs that kind of karma.

And here’s the disclaimers:

I am not a medical professional. The information in this post is not intended as medical advice. You should always consult your doctor before making any changes or adding to your medical treatment or care. Please use caution and common sense when using any herbal or supplement product especially if you are pregnant or have a medical problem.

Also note that all information and opinions are products of my own mind and imagination. Accordingly, deviations from actual fact should not be interpreted as errors but rather as proof that I did, in fact, live through the sixties.