Wednesday Wanderings — Honen-in graveyard and Otoyo Jinga, Kyoto, Japan

Although the Honen-in temple had been too badly damaged by the recent typhoon to access, the graveyard behind it was relatively undamaged and provided a bounty of photo ops.

Graveyard 1

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Twittering Tales # 110 – New Zealand Sheep


New Zealand Sheep

Mary stared at the cage “Queer lookin lot today what?”

“Oh look Maerre, they’re taking our photo!”

Harry laughed as he turned around and raised his tail.

“Instagram THIS Tourist!” he called wagging his butt back and forth.

Character count 223

For Twittering Tales # 110

This is a great prompt for me (thanks so much) since I’m in NZ right now and I’ve seen this look every day. Sheep staring at us, looking like “oh look it’s the squishy pink things again.”

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

Friday Follies Episode 4 – Mr. Potatohead

Proscenium has this awesome little funny signs challenge that I’ve very quickly become addicted to. No really, instead of looking for every cloud, sunset and flower in the galaxy, I now seem to be casting my discerning eye toward signs and folks, let me tell you “every day from here to there, funny things are EVERYWHERE”

This little beauty, although certainly not an error or innuendo, just struck me as funny as all get out.

Potato head

I mean “Ireland’s Potato” is a Chinese Jack-o-lantern that stuck its tongue in a light socket? Really? OK, in its defense it did come from a road-side rest in China but still…. roflmao

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP