Silent Sunday – Chose to Chance the Rapids

rafting on the Animas River in Colorado

“Too many times we stand aside
And let the waters slip away
‘Til what we put off ’til tomorrow
Has now become today
So don’t you sit upon the shoreline
And say you’re satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance the tide…yes”

Inspired by Marsha’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday #29 – Rivers

Til next time ~Dare to Dance ~JP

Flowers on the Wall – a SOCS poem

Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday where Linda has given up the prompt: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wallpaper.” Use it however you’d like. Have fun!

So I set my timer for 10 minutes and off we go (yes I did spend just a couple more minutes correcting typos).

photo courtesy of pexels

Flowers on the Wall

Counting flowers on the wallpaper
waiting for the day to pass
waiting for the moon to rise
and sleep to come at last

When I can slip away to dream world
beyond the darkened sky
as we run in misty meadows
and just watch the clouds roll by

Too soon I come back to this world
to my dark and lonely room
to this void of empty sorrow
as I shed a tear for you

Til next time ~Hang in there baby, October’s coming ~JP

Friday Flashback – What I wore way back when

For this week’s Flashback, I went back to my old, pre-wordpress days. This is a collage I made in the old Polyvore app for a 30 day challenge called “What I Wore Today.”

What I wore today Aug. 5 2017

It was a wonderful reminder of where I was in my life at that time, I was between two total knee replacements and resting a lot. My wish for your weekend: may you pause and feel a single moment of utter amazement at the beauty of life.

This post inspired by Fandango’s Friday Flashback

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Thoughtful Thursday – Coping with Residual COVID

Bleeding Tooth Mushroom

It has been over a month since COVID-19 descended upon my Castle Serenity. The virus itself was mild and over quickly. But, my lungs didn’t clear fully so it was on to a round of steroids and then, of course, the pursuant oral thrush. ARGHHHH!!! Stupid Covid! Now, I seem to have developed Long-haul COVID. I’m still dealing with fatigue, headaches, cough, loss of sense of smell, brain fog and anxiety. I mean seriously? Anxiety from a virus? What’s up with that like I didn’t have enough anxiety issues?

Now here’s the question, how much of this is long-covid and how much is just my wacky immune disease? How much is just summer weather? I have no idea and frankly it doesn’t matter. I have appointments scheduled discuss the most distressing of the residual effects of brain fog, anxiety and my missing sense of smell with my PCP. In the meantime, I’m using more “lists” for anything I need to remember. Although, by the time I pick up a pen, the thought is already gone. Still if I can get it to the paper I stand a pretty good chance of remembering it. And hopefully, within a few months all will be right again.

That’s it for this rant til next time remember:
The grass is always greener over the septic tank ~Erma Bombeck
~Peace ~JP

Walkabout Wednesday – Rachel Nevada

Greetings sentient life forms! Today I thought we’d take a tiny (and I do mean tiny) walk about Rachel Nevada, take in some high desert scenery and art.

Welcome to Rachel, Nevada, elevation 4,840 feet. Above, an exhausted Rver stands beside the Time Capsule Beacon.

In case you can’t make it out, the plaque reads:

On the eighteenth day of April, AD 1996
Twentieth Century Fox dedicates
this time capsule and beacon
for visitors from distant stars,
to the state of Nevada and the
“Extraterrestrial Highway”

This time capsule will serve as a beacon
to be opened in the year A.D., 2050
by which time interplanetary travelers
should be regular guests of our planet earth.

Alien face mosaic of local stone at the base of the time capsule.

Side of the restaurant/gift shop/motel check-in building. Rachel’s population was 48 as of the 2020 census and I think most of them worked here at the A’Le’Inn.

Rachel is the nearest “human” habitation to Nellis Air Force Range and Area 51, located along the scenic(?) Extraterrestrial Highway where, apparently, parking rules are strictly enforced. And, Yes, there is an “Area 51 Do Not Cross Use of Deadly Force Authorized” sign and NO I did not hike out into the desert to take a picture of it.

This post inspired by:

Sunday Stills – Deserts or Desserts
Marsha’s PPAC # 57 – where we find that Aliens are everywhere

Til next time remember:

“There is no unknown, only that which is temporarily hidden.” ~James T. Kirk

~Peace ~JP

The Weapon – a Crimson Creative Challenge Micro Fiction

Our Crimson Creative Challenge this week is the fabulous clock pictured. Wow! For some reason it puts me in mind of a different time, a different world.

The clock ticked on. Gwren was growing restless and it showed. Javvir smiled that infuriating smile teachers have. “The blade reaches it target at the right time, never early,” he reassured.

Gwren shot an irritated glance at his mentor, “you speak of her as if she were a weapon.”

“She is the Starblade,” came with a shrug.

Gwren snatched a dagger from one boot and flicked it at the rail where it promptly exploded into white fire sending humans and monsters alike scurrying. “I am a weapon,” he kicked out with a low sweep nearly knocking Javvir’s feet from beneath him. “She is the spark of desire that drives the blade. She is the magic of ice and fire, of wind and soil. She is a woman.”

Javvir shook his head, a smile quirking one lip “and you my friend are a besotted fool. There she is.”

word count 148 (Whew that took some editing!)

Til next time ~May your Mondays be short, but not too short ~JP

Sunday Serenity – A Little Dose of Sunshine

Digital art collage

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine” ~Unknown

Sunrise at Hart Ranch SD

“May you always walk in sunshine, may you never want for more” ~Irish Blessing

Sunrise over Kapaa

“I prefer moonbathing over sunbathing. I only love the sun in passing during dusk or dawn” ~Victoria Erickson

This post inspired by Marsha’s Writer’s Quote Wednesday – Sunshine. Take a peek for some sunny inspiration.

Til next time ~October’s comin’ baby ~JP

Awash with Color – a SOCS poem

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where our prompt is: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “wash/awash.”Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Bonus points for using both. Enjoy! Wildly appropriate considering that after 6 weeks of no rain, not a drop, we are suddenly awash in thunderstorms lol. I selected a picture, set the timer for five minutes, closed my eyes and this is what surfaced from the watery depths of my imagination. 😉

sunrise on Kauai

The sky awash with flaming hues
of a crimson dawn
coarse sand beneath my feet
as I dig my toes in
shifting my weight
and flow into yoga poses
my mind settling into
the ancient rhythms
of sand and sky and sea
tropical breeze blowing
through my hair
wash away the burdens
that were never mine to bear

Til next time ~still kinda irked about not being a mermaid ~JP

Friday Flashback – Hope and Freckles

photo credit pic jumbo

Wow, is it Friday again? Already? You sure? OK, OK, yeah it is. On to another Flashback Friday where Fandango invites us to share some of our older posts. I just realized that in recent years I haven’t written a lot in July. It’s a tough time of year for Spoonies who don’t tolerate heat well (like me for instance). I did come across a quadrille poem from this date 2019 that I thought you might enjoy.

Hope and Freckles

Hope flutters around
sparkles and iridescence
shining like foil confetti
blowing in the summer wind

Elusive and evasive
try catching snowflakes
on your tongue
uncatchable and unstoppable

A freckle that mars
perfect alabaster skin
difficult to see beyond
harder still to look away from

word count 44

Inspired by Fandango’s Flashback Friday and
originally written for dVerse Poets Quadrille

Til next time ~ Own the night like the fourth of July ~JP