Spring Rays

Winter’s sleep has reached it’s end
rain showers bring life to the land
everywhere green begins to appear
shyly waiting for skies to clear
the earth is waking beneath my feet
the clouds slowly begin their retreat
with the sun, birds begin to sing
welcoming the first rays of Spring

~Peace to you ~JP

Of Pearls and Aprons

Digital collage from my rapidly-becoming-out-of-control Canva stash

This is not a pearl necklace
but a strand of memories
each more precious than the last
Layer upon shimmering layer
each covering a tiny seed
of discontent, making it
a bit more bearable

This is not an apron
but a sacred mother’s mantle
for it baked up magic cookies
to soothe my little fears
as Grandma gently kissed me
and with that apron
wiped away my tears

Beauty in the layers
pearls of a mother’s wisdom
truth lies deep within the grit
love in every crease and fold
of Grandma’s sacred mantle
treasured secrets wrapped
in layers of love and life

~Peace my peeps ~JP

Easter Egg Skies

Dusky rose and cerulean blue
pastel backdrops of fading light
against frilly tendrils of clouds
I await the coming of the night
Up where the wind blows the clouds
until they billow and furl
twixt starlight and daybreak
lies a magical world
Where there’s barely a day
and hardly no night
there are beings of shadow
and stunning creatures of light
where dragons silently drift
across Easter egg skies
and then disappear
in the blink of an eye

The dawn this morning was all pastel pink buttermilk clouds against the bright blue of morning. Shades like the Easter eggs we colored as kids, delicate and gentle.
Like you.

~Be Blessed Wild Ones ~JP


Have you ever watched the wind. The way the trees dance to it’s song and leaves flutter around giggling as wind tickles them about. Have you ever smelled the hint of rain on an evening breeze or the first whiff of salt air on the beach. I love when the wind blows through my hair, like it is cleansing me, blowing away my heartache. The wind from thousands of Starlings’ wings shake the walls, a powerful reminder of the strength in numbers. And when the wind propels the rain and snow, I am safe and warm watching in wonder at the diverse power of air and wind.

Fire burns and Wind blows,

Water nurtures, Earth grows

Spirit leads the way

~Stay Wild Moonchild ~jp


He loved music and wanted to bring music to the world and help us understand it’s deeper meaning. He taught me to look for the message inside the lyrics and deeper in the music itself. He wanted to be a D.J., but instead he died on a Friday night alone in his car. The silence in my soul is almost unbearable.

The nights stretch out too long
and it seems like nothing changes
as I watch the midnight sky
waiting for the sun to rise
beyond this endless twilight
tears begin to fall again

The pain is real and I weep, but
I remember all the fun we had
the good times and the bad
though this chapter of our story
now has reached it’s end
I still smile when I think of you

Shadows of sorrow in the canyons
of our lives ran vast and deep
somehow we always made it through
the three of us hand in hand, and
I know that the sun will shine again
I’ll smile when I think of you

I’m so sorry that you’re gone
but I remember life goes on
though we can’t be together
I’ll keep you in my heart forever
I know that you’re happy once again
so smile for me now and then

Love Sis

Be Happy and Free

digital collage from my polyvore collection

I have recently been working with the Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhvantu mantra. Translated into English it means “May all beings everywhere be happy and free.” There is longer translation of the mantra I’ve seen that expanded my understanding. “May all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts, words and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom.” Beautiful, right?

This mantra fits so well into my life. Let’s face it as humans, our relationship with the natural world can be complex. I watch the sparrows at my bird feeder and remember that my daily ritual of feeding the birds (feeders go out in the morning and come in after dinner) is much more important to me than to them. I take such delight in the precious little winged beings at my feeder that I am reminded every day to be as good a steward of my blessings as I can. To treat the Earth and all her creatures with love and respect.

~May you be happy and free

Winter’s Poem

Today’s prompt: Winter’s Poem

My lake froze solid this winter with sub-zero temperatures not normally found in this part of the world. We watched the ducks ice skating. The lake was smooth with crystalline textures and leaves held in stasis, captured in the glassy layer like silk garlands. It was frigid and beautiful and perfect. A reminder that Winter is a time for rest and reflection, a time to come to grips with this year’s changes. Today I gaze out the window where the bright sunshine coaxes the buds on the trees to bloom. Today, the sun shines bright, my garden beckons and Sun god grows restless.

Feelings shift like oceans
beneath the frozen ice
glaciers of emotions
pain too long denied
struggle against the cold
mind closed against the truth
pressures build, exploding in
a single tear of glacier blue

Til next time ~ Spring is coming ~JP