A Phoenix in Kyoto – Haibun Monday

There is a Chinese Parasol tree in Kyoto, Japan. Grown from the seeds of the hibakujumoku, the trees that survived Hiroshima. It is a humbling reminder that the power of man to do evil cannot defeat the power of nature to heal and survive. For dVerse Poets Haibun Monday.

A Phoenix in Kyoto – Haibun Monday

Tall and green she shares her shade. Born of the hibakujumoku, survivor of horror and black rain. So much death surrounded her as buildings crashed and humans burned and life evaporatated. Yet, she survives. As the Phoenix rises from the ashes, and the moon pulls in on herself nature waxes full once more in the steady march of time. Her seeds came to this place where she stands in quiet testimony, reminding all that the stupidity of man is no match for the beauty of nature.

no atrocity
cancels blessings of nature
greening comes again

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


Prairie Wind – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 8.2.19

Prairie Wind

A warm wind blows
across the prairie tonight
making ripples and waves
in the summer grass
tiny sparrows dart
through seas of slender reeds
dodging the billowing surf
of golden seed tips
reeds bend in the breeze,
their tops heavy with seed
with eager anticipation
of the coming autumn
when at last they will release
their heavy burden
to blow free across the prairie

word count 64

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Seeking Joy – a Dizain poem

wilted purple rose by Sharon McCutchen on Unsplash

Seeking Joy – a Dizain poem

Thoughts go racing wildly around my brain
nameless horrors that painfully sear
into my memory so filled with pain
heart fluttering with anxiety and fear
loneliness aches, cry a single tear.
I must somehow carry on, be brave
find the sun and from darkness I must save
joy that was mine before the nights grew cold
merry songs not dirges sung before the grave
evenings warm and gay, stars bright and bold.

For dVerse Poets – More Dizain

“The dizain is a poem of ten lines with ten syllables per line and a rhyme pattern ababbccdcd.”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Hope and Freckles a Quadrille

photo credit pic jumbo

Hope and Freckles

Hope flutters around
sparkles and iridescence
shining like foil confetti
blowing in the summer wind

Elusive and evasive
try catching snowflakes
on your tongue
uncatchable and unstoppable

A freckle that mars
perfect alabaster skin
difficult to see beyond
harder still to look away from

word count 44

Thanks to dVerse Poets Quadrille for the prompt. Last week was a down week here, I’ve spent most of it “processing.” Hopefully this week things will get kind of back to normal, for awhile at least while we sit, and wait, hope, and simply believe. Thanks for stopping by.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Devil’s Tower – a Which Way Challenge

7.23 Devils TowerDevils Tower, WY

“That which does not kill us makes us stronger” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

I am a spoonie, a strong fearless warrior, a surprisingly big-hearted odds-defying medical anomaly. My illness does not define me, the way I stand up to it does. ~JP Pearlman

For the Which Way Challenge brought to us by sonofabeach96

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Time to Run – a Wordle Story

wordle 7.21.19

The signal came over the radio channel, it’s meaning clear to those who knew. Their resources had been stretched to the limit but the make-shift trauma unit been their home base for several months. A simple burst of static had changed all that. Persephone and the other dragons had dug through the fine rock of the cave opening to reveal the large inner cave. Continue reading “Time to Run – a Wordle Story”