Monster Under My Bed Part 1

Right now I’m in the middle of a time crunch. I’m working 40+ hours plus getting ready for a big vacation/business trip of two month duration. I’m also in the middle of a autoimmune flare so fatigue is a real issue. If I’m less responsive than normal, please just know I’m slammed and I’ll be back soon with lots of exploits. In the meantime, here in short readable segments is the short story inspiration of my current BWIP (Big Work In Process). Thanks for stopping by and reading. ~JPP

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It was late and I was tired, soul tired; the kind of tired you get when life has just beat you down. I was tired of struggling, tired of arguing, tired of rationalizing, tired of life uninspired. The rhyme almost made me giggle, almost. Mostly, I was tired of the constant arguing with Axton, the bickering, the questioning, the late nights. The final straw came when he’d not come by or called for nearly a week and then had the gall to show up with a cheap bottle of wine like nothing had happened. I told him to get out, that I was done with his cheating, manipulating ways. I threw the bottle of wine right at his head and that’s when all hell broke lose. The bloody idiot had the audacity to strike me. Well, try to. I saw it coming and threw a rudimentary magic shield up that deflected most of the blow. You see, I’m a witch. Continue reading “Monster Under My Bed Part 1”


Song Lyric Sunday An Empty Glass

Thanks to Helen for the prompt this week. When I was a young girl, my father loved to listen to Peggy Lee. I grew up on that glorious, sultry voice. Although my personal favorite will always be “Is that all there is?” I understood “when he left, I thought I’d die, but I didn’t. And I thought to myself ‘is that all there is … to love?'” Oh yeah.

That being said, as I grew up, “An Empty Glass” became more and more significant. “Deep inside I knew, you were too good to be true.”

So pop out to Helen’s blog and check out all the great responses to  Song Lyric Sunday – Glass  and by all means, give the song a listen over on whatever music app you like to use. It’s well worth the effort. Continue reading “Song Lyric Sunday An Empty Glass”

Out the Window

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For the FFfAW photo prompt above

Out the Window

The rain had been falling all morning, causing condensation on the inside of the car window. Julia tried to look out it, but just couldn’t. She knew where they were going. She didn’t need to see it. Soon they entered the little pocket of urban gardens and backyard pools that once she had called home.

Julia wiped a bit of the moisture from the passenger’s window and peered out. She knew all too well the ugliness that lurked just beneath the peaceful facade. The lies, lust, and greed permeated the very air clinging to the window. Silver Hollow, home of beautiful houses, manicured lawns and well tended gardens. And the most grisly double murder in the history of the county. The murder of her parents.

They turned down the lane. Plop, plop plop, the rain fell like fat tears and Julia watched out the window.

Word count 148

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP