Deadwood Car Show

In the Black Hills of South Dakota lies the little town of Deadwood. Home to casinos and historic sites.

Franklin Hotel

It also hold the final resting place of such notorious westerners as Wild Bill Hickok and Calamity Jane.

Dead Legends

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Moon Love

moon over Bryce
Super moon over Bryce Canyon, UT

Long ago on a late summer night
under luscious glow of a sturgeon moon
I cast to the heavens a wish/hope/prayer
that by some magic I might find a love
bright enough to cast away the darkness
and fill my heart with light.

Many years have passed and tonight,
under that same moon,
I cast to the heavens again
this time my profound thanks
and gratitude
for in your love I have found the
shining star of my soul, the answer
to dreams I never even knew I had

Till next time  ~Peace my friends  ~JP Pearlman

Grey World

DSC00475 (2)

This story should never be told.

I woke with a start and began working the cramp out of my leg from sitting too long in the back of the “meat wagon.” That’s what they called the airplane. They were taking us to “paradise” to a land with sun and beaches, or so they claimed. Continue reading “Grey World”

Animas Forks Ghost Town – from Silverton Colorado

There is adventure to be found everywhere even in the alpine tundra of Silverton Colorado. The town itself starts out at over 9,000 feet and goes up from there. A few years ago, we took an interesting “jeep” tour from Silverton to Animas Forks Ghost Town. We started our adventure in what I lovingly refer to as the “Swiss Army Butt Cruncher.” An old Swiss army transport truck, not comfortable on the hiney but a great climber which came in handy.

riding a swiss army butt cruncher

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