The Governor’s Ball

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For Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge.  This week’s prompt:  Canine

The Governor’s Last Ball

Solanj checked the full-length mirror one final time. The costume was perfect. Hair extension, lifts in the low-heeled boots, elaborate makeup and partial mask combined into an effective disguise. She twisted the long hair into a sloppy bun and secured it with her kanzashi.

The skin tight leather leggings and elaborate bodice that left her midriff bare should guarantee the Governor’s attention. Solanj arrived at the ball shortly after the beginning hour and blended quickly in with the crowd. It did not take her long to spot her quarry, a short, squat man, graying at the temples and sporting a vampire costume. Continue reading “The Governor’s Ball”


Twittering Tale – # 114

Thanks to Kat for this week’s Twittering Tale prompt. Do check out all the great entries and join in the fun here.

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Timmy and Billy crouched near the hole in the old tree.
“It was a Leprechaun.”
“Naw, squirrel.”
Suddenly, a tiny winged man appeared, tapping his foot and yelling “I am NOT a Leprechaun!”
Timmy and Billy turned to each other nodding wisely, “Squirrel!”

Character count 274

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Wolf

TT 12.7

The wolf stood staring at the cottage. Lavender had lived there alone since her grandmother’s disappearance. The wolf appeared each evening like it was checking on her. Finally, Lavender went out to the wolf. She met the sapphire blue eyes, “Grandmother?” she whispered.

character count 275

For Kat’s Twittering Tales # 113


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For Dark Netizen’s  Wacky Weekend Challenge # 4 – Shower


Solanj stood in the shower watching the red water sluicing off her body, blood rinsing down the drain. Blood, her blood. Well, not all her’s but still, it was enough. Solanj reached for the anti-bacterial soap and winced at the hot pain in her shoulder. Continue reading “Wounded”

Lady of Summer

Many thanks to Kira’s Sunday Scribbles,  for such an evocative prompt.

kira sun scribbles 12.3.18

Lady of Summer

Long has she walked her path, the lady of summer
Her bright bounce faded into fall, as clouds gathered
and she lengthens her stride reaching for the fading sun.
Her legs like quaking aspens, shiver with the strain
detritus of the seasons trail behind her like a ragged banner
But demon winter grabs a hold and never does let go
Until at last the lady sleeps, twixt icicles and snow.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP