The Squirrel – Multi prompt story

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Solanj sat in the waiting room, waiting. They called him “the archivist.” She called him “the Squirrel.” He was always finding odd, rare this and that and tucking them away for the proper occasion, or person. He had amassed a great fortune that way. Great enough to be able to afford Solanj’s services. Continue reading “The Squirrel – Multi prompt story”

Alice Goes Swimming

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Photo Credit: George Grall, National Aquarium

Alice was bored, and tired, and hot. She lay on the grass beneath the shade of the largest tree in the orchard. She was making a daisy chain, watching the other children swimming in the lake. Alice wasn’t allowed to swim alone. Her mother told her stories of children that were captured unaware in the lake and never heard from again. They were taken by the “Ooguay.” Continue reading “Alice Goes Swimming”

The Office Party – a multi prompt story

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Solanj rolled over and slapped the snooze button on the alarm. “Just five more minutes,” she muttered under her breath. She rolled over, eyes still closed, to bask in the sunshine coming through the window.

Once the alarm went off for the second time, Solanj switched it off. With dreamy eyes and a sensuous stretch, she gently rolled out of bed. She stood for a moment, gazing down at her lover, still sleeping peacefully. With a shudder she recalled the company party, the accolades the CEO had heaped upon her in that oh so public forum.

As a junior agent, she was unprepared for the onslaught of brown-nosing underlings suddenly trying to stoke the bonfire of her ego. Ha! She cared nothing for their empty praise. The job, that was what mattered, the job.

Time to prepare for her next assignment. Solanj quickly dressed, gathering her weapons as she went. She looked back one last time. For a moment, just a moment, she recalled the sweet torture of desire. Then she shook her head, holstered her weapon, wove the shurikens into their hidden scabbards, wound her garrote around her wrist and went to work.

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

For the following prompts:

Ragtag Daily Prompt – bask
Word of the Day Challenge – bonfire
Fandango’s One-Word Challenge – snooze
Daily Addictions – onslaught
Scotts Daily Prompt – torture
and Your Daily Word Prompt – public


The Greenhouse – a multi-prompt story

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“Well Claude, I think I’ll be going to bed now. Thank you for the game.” Gynnie looked down at the chess board, she had lost. Again. She glanced once more at Claude’s filmy, wispy countenance. He was tired as well, she could tell by the abstract patterns floating in his transparency. Claude was what most people would call a ghost. Gynnie thought of him more as a manifestation of a restless spirit. It sounded much more scientific and less likely to frighten other living folk. Continue reading “The Greenhouse – a multi-prompt story”

A Spitting Image

This is a mix of three prompt challenges and I’m kind of mixing days. I’m in an odd time zone here in Kyoto, Japan and the prompts sometimes overlap from when I start them in the early morning to when I finish them in the afternoon, so I’m just going with it.

10.20.18 DWC 19

“What the …?” Princess Pei Pei looked around in confusion. The windows were covered in curtains with a delicate floral motif. The same pattern shown on the coverlet and pillow shams. “Dear me, I’m in paisley floral Hell,” she thought. Continue reading “A Spitting Image”




There are times
when the walls close in
and there’s nowhere left to hide
from the awful realness of life.

When nothing looks more appealing
than the deep amber relief
and the sweet oblivion that waits
at the bottom of the bottle.

Then I seek the solace
of your arms
and there find my reprieve
from the horrors of the world

Where once again,
the monsters of reality are tamed
and I see all the promise
of happily ever after
reflected in your eyes.

For FOWC  Bottle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Kraken – Multi prompt micro fiction

sea storm pexels
photo credit, pexels

The tempestuous sea roiled with heavy waves. The ship, her grace and bearings lost, surrendered to the wild pitch and yaw. Jack stood braced against the mast for stability. He had sent Helen below for safety before the storm had intensified.

As he tried desperately to batten down the remaining open hatches, he glimpsed something through the pouring rain. Jack paused and watched, the rolling waves were interrupted by a suspiciously bland circle. As he watched in horror, a huge maelstrom formed, lined with triangular protrusions. What the?!? Were those TEETH???

The Kraken opened it’s huge maw and swallowed the little boat whole. A suitable way to retaliate for the intrusion into it’s sacred waters.

Based on the following prompts:
RDP grace
FOWC stability
WOTD tempestuous
DAP retaliate

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

A Dangerous Enterprise


For the first part of the story see: The Emperor and the Warrior

Kya walked with the Emperor into the back room, he waved his guards aside and they stood outside the door. Kya sized him up, taking the measure of the man, not the emperor. He was tall, trim but muscular with the athletic yet supple build of someone proficient in the martial arts. Kya decided that yes, he would be a worthy opponent on a physical level.

“What service do you require of me?” Kya asked, leaving the end of the question open for him to provide a name if he desired but she would NOT call him my some ridiculous title. Continue reading “A Dangerous Enterprise”