Pixie Legions


Today’s Just Jot it January from lindaghill.com is brought to us by Lady Lee – Echo.

Pixie Legions

Shara crouched low behind an old tree stump. The grand old fellow had long ago been cut down to fuel the heat stoves of the humans. She placed a hand on the old stump feeling the echo of life force left behind, and a pang of anger and sorrow at the loss of the giant. She patted the stump fondly. A tiny spark bobbed in her direction and soon Serendipity, the pixie, landed on her shoulder, breathing heavily.

“They’ll come.” Serendipity panted, “they will all come.” The pixie glowed with pride.

“Excellent,” replied Shara, “but quell your light little sister, we cannot be seen. The Technobot army lies just beyond the tree line. We need to report to the Queen.” Shara gathered her things to leave.

“Yes, we must tell her that the pixie legions will come. They will be her eyes and her ears. Humans cannot so abuse the people of magic, we will suffer no longer.” Serendipity raised her tiny sword in salute while Shara tried not to smile.

Word count 159

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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