The Box of Books

kira sun scribbles 1.20.19

A poem inspired by Kira’s Sunday Scribbles. Do pop over and join in some great fun.

The Box of Books

Once upon a time in the land of hush-a-bye
long about the wonderful days of yore
The Muse came across a sort of box
bound with twine and locked with locks

When inside she dared to look
and found the wonder of a book
She wept with joy at what she read
“I must share this gift” she said

The pup came and took the first
the book of beauty, rhyme and verse
“Give this gift to all you see
I call this gift Life’s Poetry”

Then came the horse who gladly bore
the gift she called “Artistic chore”
The power of artistic work, you see
Artistic freedom is never free

The fairy asked on tiny wings,
“what gift would you have me bring?”
“The gift of song that hearts employ
The gift you carry is Creative Joy”

The Muse sent her gifts to all mankind
cast to the winds for us to find
Creative Joy in Artistic Chore
Poetry to brighten hearts so poor

But lurking there behind the tree
hidden away where none could see
lay the creature of all evil chance
the devilish spirit of Ignorance

Ignorance lays his plans to destroy
our Artistic Work, and Creative Joy
stalking us from behind the tree
to steal away life’s Poetry

We must laugh, work and write
and against that evil spirit unite
Lest we wind up back where we began
when first the Muse found the box

When none had ever dared to look
at the beauty and wonder of a book.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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