JusJoJan 17 – Jade

jusjojan 2020

For Linda’s JusJoJan prompt “Jade” is brought to us by MB, Thanks!

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Sharra carefully wiped each leaf of the jade plant until it’s waxy leaves shone in the sun. Carefully plucking a few, she placed them in her basket. Her withered hands moved with the effortless grace of a much younger woman as she gathered the remaining ingredients for her prosperity charm bags. No more wars, no more fires. She was just the simple village witch.

With a wave of her hand, the old village witch vanished and she was once again, Sharra Fire Fae, her strong wings unfurled, Dreamsong, grasped in her sword arm, blazing with magic fire. War loomed ahead and her heart sang with battle magic. But that was so long ago. With a sigh she returned to her older image. “Sometimes immortality’s a real pain in the arse,” she muttered as she returned to her jade plant.

word count 139

Who Wants to Live Forever – Queen — Freddie, ye left us too soon

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Withies and Vines a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 6.26.19

The rock hut was ancient, abandoned long ago and forgotten by mortals and gods alike, it suited Shara’s purpose well. Here she was safe from the judgement of humans. Here, cloaked by nature and surrounded by growing things, she was at peace. Here she was alone, here she was free.

The withies were gathered to be woven into baskets and mats and all manner of useful things. In a few weeks, she would don her disguise, sell her baskets and return with what few items the forest could not provide. And no one would suspect that on the outskirts of their city winter’s frost never touched the vines and green things grew always, in the presence of Shara the Greenwitch.

word count 120

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

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A Thorny Problem

friday fictioneers 4.4.19

A Thorny Problem

Shara’s forest was concealed by a veil and booby trapped. Although most of the Pure Human Revolution League walked right by her little section of forest, somehow Eldbar and Regvat had stumbled right through the veil. She smiled as they became hopelessly entangled in thorny branches.

“Oye Eldbar, we’re so humped. I cannot move at all.”

“Shhhh, you dolt, we’d be a right tasty meal for some snagnasty stuck the way we are.”

Reluctantly, Shara drew the thorns back enough to allow the two to escape and sent her tiny fae friends to make sure they made no wrong turns.

Word count 100

For Friday Fictioneers

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The Forest Veil

CCC 4.3.19

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:
Your creative offering is indeed yours
Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

The Forest Veil

Shara walked through the heavy woods, the damp soil cool beneath her bare feet. Smelling the dead leaves and fallen limbs slowly returning to the earth, giving back energy and nutrients for the new life. Some found it noisome but to Shara is was the sweet perfume of life, ripe with the nurturing of newness and she breathed it in. Continue reading “The Forest Veil”

Inn of the Purple Door – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 3.13.19

For Crimsons Creative Challenge

Inn of the Purple Door

The bottles were lined up in a row. The window faced the full moon and each bottle touched some bit of the metal grid. All was in readiness. Shara entered her circle of salt, lit the candles and settled herself to the ground. She began mixing herbs with her mortar and pestle and chanting her spell. Continue reading “Inn of the Purple Door – a Crimson Creative Challenge”

Stream of Consciousness Saturday Affirm


Welcome to Stream of Consciousness Saturday brought to us by Lindaghill.com

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “affirm.” Use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

Shara stood on the bank of stream deep in the Greenwood. The Queen of the Greenwood Fairies stood before her in her deep green gown. The gold trim glinted in the filtered sun causing Shara to blink. Or perhaps it was the moisture welling unsummoned behind her eyes. She was home, at long last she had found a home. Bother the humans who had cast her out and tried to burn her. She had survived and found a family amongst the fae folk. Fairies of every size and color from tiny pastel pixies buzzing about like little bees to the full grown forest fairies, still no larger than a human child swarmed around her. This was the first time a human had been adopted into the queendom on the fae. Shara jerked her attention back to the Queen. “Do you Shara of the Greenwood, swear and affirm that you will do your best to aid and protect the great forests of our world?” The Queen smiled at her adopted daughter. Continue reading “Stream of Consciousness Saturday Affirm”

Pixie Legions


Today’s Just Jot it January from lindaghill.com is brought to us by Lady Lee – Echo.

Pixie Legions

Shara crouched low behind an old tree stump. The grand old fellow had long ago been cut down to fuel the heat stoves of the humans. She placed a hand on the old stump feeling the echo of life force left behind, and a pang of anger and sorrow at the loss of the giant. She patted the stump fondly. A tiny spark bobbed in her direction and soon Serendipity, the pixie, landed on her shoulder, breathing heavily. Continue reading “Pixie Legions”

Just Jot it January 20 – Pixie Serendipity


For Just Jot it January today’s prompt Serendipity brought to us by Jill

Pixie Serendipity

Shara had a stitch in her side from the flat out run across the meadow but now they were at the edge of the forest and she slowed to a quick walk, glancing behind her and gasping for air. Continue reading “Just Jot it January 20 – Pixie Serendipity”


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I told him to make himself comfortable while gesturing to the sofa as I continued to the kitchen for the brew. I brought back the good coffee service with two heavy pottery mugs and a plate of small goodies. Perhaps I should have pulled something more substantial out of the pantry, unsure what he’d be able to pick up with those claws. But food was scarce and nothing went to waste so tiny vegetable bits and crackers it was.

I nearly lost the tray when I saw Grimald on the sofa. It looked like he was trying to stuff himself behind the couch cushions. I stiffled a guffaw and placed the tray on the table then seated myself in the chair. Following my example, he righted himself and sat, somewhat stiffly. I took my drink, he took his drink. I got the impression he was unaware of social niceties and happy to mimic my movements. Continue reading “MONSTER UNDER MY BED PART 5”


Read the beginning of the story Part 1Part 2, and Part 3.

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Well, I’ll be a baboon’s backside! That was weird. Even for a mutant witch. I sat on the floor and schooched closer to the bed, bent over until my upside down head was right in front of it.

Hello. It’s all right, I won’t hurt you,” I called quietly. No answer. Continue reading “MONSTER UNDER MY BED part 4”