Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 OHMY! – a Saturday Swappit tangent

Di is our host for Saturday Swappit again this week and is asking “have you designed your own diet from the successful bits of others you’ve tried? Have you gone back to one that worked, or found one that worked better for you?”

There are lots, and lots, and lots of diets out there and believe me, I’ve tried most of them. I have been on one diet or another since 1968 when I first went on the “grapefruit and rice” diet at the tender age of 12 because I was seriously alarmed at the size of my breasts. The only one I had any luck with was Atkins back in the 1990’s. I lost 85 lbs. kept off 75 of it ever since but I found the diet to be unsustainable as I got older and my diseases got stronger. My personal experience is simply that diets are like opinions, everybody’s got one and they all work, and they all fail, depending on the individual.

That said, I have ultimately just devised my own based on what I’ve learned in the past 50 years of dietary frustration. We follow a modified Anti-inflammatory/controlled carbohydrate diet here at Castle Serenity. Our foray into anti-inflammatory diets started with Dr. Weil back in the days before it became so commercially popular, with a few modifications. We eat less grains, more beans, lots of fish, tofu at least once a week. We also include some chicken and occasional beef. I eat some dairy (yogurt and some low-fat cheeses) for calcium. Oh and spices, lots and lots of spices. I add ginger to lots of stuff and turmeric to everything else. 😉 😉

I’m currently working on a modification I’m calling the LOL diet (Little Old Lady), OK it’s a fancy way of saying I’m trying to practice better portion control. I have found that counting anything, calories, carbs, fats tends to get me into trouble as I can get more than a little OCD about it. So between Superhubs LADA and my wonky vitamin dysregulation, we’re kind of loosey goosey keeping Superhubs to about 180 gross grams carbs per day and I just try to watch my portions and run a little tighter on fats. We use very little in the way of sugars or sweeteners, avoid trans fats like the plague and eat very few processed foods.

That’s about it. Even though Superhubs and I both get a little frustrated with the whole autoimmune dietary issues thing, we are both doing extremely well. SH’s diabetes consultant lauds our work and his numbers are in target range 99+% of the time. My CRP (C-reactive Protein) which is used to measure overall bodily inflammation levels are virtually nil. So to quote my pulmonologist “whatever you’re doing … keep doing it.”

Til next time ~Stay calm and back away from the donut ~JP

5 thoughts on “Paleo, Keto, Whole 30 OHMY! – a Saturday Swappit tangent

  1. No two people the same, and no one diet to suit us all. I was following keto for ages, successfully, then of a sudden my weight shot up. No idea why. Discouraged I came off keto. I’m now back on it but the weight’s not moving. Oh well, I’m otherwise healthy (I think)

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      1. I’ve read that it sometimes helps to increase the carbs. Didn’t work with me. I guess the body finds its equilibrium and nothing then will disurb it


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