Weird Kind of Week Needs a Fresh Perspective

Cardinal in our tree getting a fresh perspective
Dinky Dinos go into business as “towel handlers” yeah, waaaaay too much time on our hands
February Sunset beautiful fresh air – what more can I say

The sun begins to pinken the sky
like an artist’s languid brush stroke
lazily drawn across the canvas
from triangle I breathe into crescent

ducks fly by in quiet formation
they gently land sending ripples
stretching across the lake
my body moves slowly with intention

I glide from plank into cobra
as I breathe in the beauty of
chantilly clouds tinted fragile rose
against the lightening sky

If we were having coffee today, I’d tell you it’s been a weird kind of week and I need a fresh perspective. A rollercoaster of emotions ranging from a new diagnosis of secondary raynaud’s phenomenon, probably just part of the sarcoidosis (OK, that’s good right?), to learning that a beloved little brother is homeless, to a son becoming the victim of a road rage shooting (he’s fine, bullets didn’t penetrate the inner door of the truck). Like I said, good, but … weird. So, pass the decaf Lady Grey (a decaf black/lavender blend), with milk please, no sugar let’s take a bit of fresh air. Hope y’all are having great weeks, and on to a fabulous March!

Linking up to Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share and Cellpic Sunday with Johnbo. and Sunday Stills at Terri Webster’s. Do come on in and join the fun and pick up a fresh perspective.

Til next time ~ Stay Calm and pass the decaf ~JP

7 thoughts on “Weird Kind of Week Needs a Fresh Perspective

  1. Oh my. I’m just catching up from last weeks challenge…so sorry for the crazy week you had. So glad your son is okay. Thinking of you and hoping that this last week has been better. I have had a brother in law that has been on the streets off and on through his choosing. We’ve just had to keep letting him know we all love him. Love your photos and poem.

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