Share Your World – Redux

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Today’s questions from the new host sparksfromacombustiblemind are:

When you are old, what do you think children will ask you to tell stories about? If you are ‘old’ (a term with different meanings for everyone); what stories do you tell your grandchildren?

The olden days. Yep, I’m older than dirt and that’s what I tell them. Mostly I tell my grandchildren (I have 10 grands and 2 great-grands) about my travels. I have been many places, in many countries and have lots of cool stories. Continue reading “Share Your World – Redux”


Spoonie Anthem

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As most of you know by now, I’m a proud spoonie, and a weeble. (’cause I wobble but I don’t fall down). SuperHubs and I both suffer from something we call “August Syndrome.” It’s just that, a syndrome, a group of maladies with no discernible cause other than autoimmune disease, that occur simultaneously with a frightening consistency. The biggest of the maladies are soul crushing fatigue, the associated depression, brain fog and pain.

One of the ways I fight this is with a wacky sense of humor. I sing silly songs to myself and SuperHubs. This is todays. Sung to the children’s tune of “do your ears hang low.”


“Oh…. have your spoon run low?
do you wobble too and fro?
are guts tied in a knot?
and your brains tied in a bow?
Is there weight up on your shoulders?
Making you feel 30 years older?
We’re havin’ soup for dinner
’cause my spoons ran low”

So, now I’m going to inhale some peppermint essential oil, drink a cup of soothing lavender tea and turn in early. Oh wait, after the dishes, and after I put up the laundry, and take a shower, and pack lunch for tomorrow.  Well, maybe tomorrow, I’ll turn in early.  😉  

Have a great night everybody. Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

Those Days

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It was one of those days. You know, THOSE days.

THOSE days, when you drive the 50 miles into town to have the car serviced. You have a coupon for oil change, tire rotation, and front-end alignment. Of course there’s an up-charge for the high mileage oil you use, OK, expected that.

THEN you remember that you need to get a new battery before the one you have leaves you stranded somewhere inconvenient. That’s cool but suddenly your $90 service turns into $230. Still, I can live with that. Continue reading “Those Days”

More than you Ever Wanted To Know

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Ok, so Melanie over at Sparks From a Vombustible Mind, was nominated for two blogging awards. She concocted a bunch of her own questions and instead of naming other bloggers, said “I nominate anyone who cares to answer these questions.”  Then, Fandango caught the bug, answered the questions and said: “If anyone else wants to take on these questions, go for it.” So…. here I am Continue reading “More than you Ever Wanted To Know”

Sing Along Saturday

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Do you ever sing along with a song so many times that you change the words around to make it fit your own life? I do … all the time. Here is my rip off of Jimmy Buffet’s “He Went To Paris” I call it “She Left California”

She left California lookin’ for answers
to questions that bothered her so.
She was impressive, beautiful and aggressive
saving the world all on her own.
But ocean air breezes, doing just as she pleases
soon put those ambitions at bay.
Summers and winters scattered like splinters
and four or five years slipped away.

One day she got married, moved to Kentucky
thought she’d settle down there for life.
She had a good job, and a sweet little baby
the future ahead looked so bright.
And all of the answers and all of the questions
got locked in her attic one day.
‘Cause she liked the quiet and clean country livin
and twenty more years slipped away.

But then divorce broke her spirit, and the illness that followed
left her with only one eye.
Her body was battered, her whole word was shattered
and all she could do was just cry.
While the tears were fallin’ she was recallin’
answers that she never found
so she hopped in an RV and headed cross country
and left Kentucky without a sound.

Now she visits the mountains, the desert, and beaches
and lives the adventure each day.
Writing her memoirs, losing her hearing
but then she don’t care what most people say.
Through sixty-odd years of perpetual motion,
ask about her life, she’ll smile and she’ll say
“Honey mostly it’s magic, a little bit tragic
but I’ve had a great life, all the way.”

Adapted from Jimmy Buffet “He Went to Paris”

Here you can listen to the real song and sing along too.   Jimmy Buffet, He Went to Paris

Til next time ~ Live the Adventure Each Day ~Peace ~JPP


Simplicity — all you need is all you have.

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The simpler we make our lives, the more abundant they become. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? It’s one of those sayings you hear but don’t really comprehend until you start to live it. Superhubs and I have become “noodle folk” we are simple people, eat simple, live simple and our lives are so much more abundant that I ever dreamed possible.

In our former life, we lived in a 2000 square foot stick house, both held full-time jobs, were empty nesters. Sounds nice doesn’t it? Underneath it though, I was drowning in stuff and clutter. Not just clutter around the house (although there was plenty of that to go around) but clutter of the heart, mind and yes soul. Simplifying down to a minimalist life can be daunting, if not downright terrifying, but for me it was oh so worth it. Continue reading “Simplicity — all you need is all you have.”

The Color Purple – Share Your World

For the Share Your World Challenge this week  The Color Purple

What would you name the autobiography of your life?   I would title it, A Whole Lot of Magic (and a little bit tragic).

Which do you prefer sweet, salty or buttery?  Salty! I’m hopelessly addicted to all things salty. Give me a margarita over a daiquiri any day of the week. Extra bonus points for salty and sweet, like a really good salted caramel.

What’s the finest education?  The School of hard knocks, of which I hold an advanced degree, probably even a fellowship. Seriously, I’ve learned more from raw experience than I ever have in any school.

What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Purple Clemantis

“I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.” ~ Alice Walker ~ The Color Purple

Two of my kids had birthdays this week and that always makes me smile. One I gave birth to and the other I just helped raise but they are both of them so precious to me. If nothing else in life, I know that this I have done one thing well. Somehow in spite of myself I managed to raise two fabulous human beings.