Sunday Stills and PPAC – Diamond and Quartz

Terri’s wonderful Sunday Stills prompt for this week is “quarts, diamonds.” I admit, I had a bit of a time coming up with something. I’m just NOT a diamonds kind of girl and ironically although I’m a rock hound, clear quartz does not exactly abound in my collections.

I’m cutting it fine on this deadline, but I really, really worked on the quartz/diamond theme. I’ve been sick since returning from the mad dash to South Dakota. I’ve rebounded somewhat from the virus, but am still on steroids and nebulizers for the breathing part of it. But hey, I’m out of bed and awake. I even went outside for a bit today. 🙂 I’m also including some public art works so I’m gonna link up to Marsha’s PPAC. First the art

Opaque quartz happy cats greet us in Taipei, Taiwan in the underground mall near the train station. They’re actually carved of marble but the milky color lends them a quartz feel to me.

Because I always ask myself the question “what constitutes public art?” I fell in love this the side of this building in Christ Church, NZ. Architecture can also be art and I adore the diamond shaped window vent coverings.

This tiny fairy house lies in a stone retaining wall of someone’s home in Queenstown, NZ and to me, that is the epitome of public art, the artistic bits of our selves we sneak into public life for the attentive passerby to enjoy. Love those diamond windows.

Now, the not precisely art but still really cool quartzy diamondy shots:

Milky quartz Koi greedily feeding on tourist tidbits in Kyoto Japan. They will come completely out of the water for a pellet of fish food from the local vendor.

A tiny quartz-colored sand crab on a beach of tiny sparkling stones in Kapaa, Hawaii. He is about the size of my thumbnail.

The sun beat down casting a million diamond glints on the snow and the tiny diamond ripples of the Yampa River near Steamboat Springs, CO.

The diamond peak of Chimney Rock towers 480 feet above the North Platte River Valley. This massive natural monument guided the followers of the Oregon Trail during the westward expansion of the 19th century.

“Stars shine like diamonds on the black-velvet throat of the night sky.”

Finally, from my collection, a couple of beautiful crystalline quartz points on black velvet. I’m off to make a cup of mullein tea.

Til next time ~Sparkle darling, sparkle ~JP

4 thoughts on “Sunday Stills and PPAC – Diamond and Quartz

  1. I really love how you found not just the milky quartz, but the shapes and other essences of the stones, JP, including the koi!. The quartz is beautiful and that image of Chimney Rock is stunning! That will be something I will have to see for myself someday.

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  2. You found some wonderful examples of both quartz and public art. The fairy house seems to fit the idea of New Zealand. When I think of New Zealand, I think of hobbits and fairy tales. How imaginative that someone included this little house in their stone wall. I agree with you that buildings are often works of art themselves. The one you displayed certainly was. Each work that you shared was compelling and interesting in such a distinctive way. I agree with Terri that your image of Chimney Rock is amazing. I hope that you’ll join PPAC again. It’s amazing how we can find public art in so many diverse places.

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