Spoonie Saturday – What Color is Your Spoon?


Greetings fellow spoonies, friends of spoonies, and not really spoonies. If you’re not acquainted with what a spoonie is, here’s an explanation from the big book of wikipedia: What is a Spoonie

Today finds me in a place I love, but coming down with a cold. When you’re a spoonie, even a mostly recovered, no longer in danger of hospitalization spoonie, there is always a ghost in the machine. The specter of chronic disease haunts our daily lives. Today is about as much rest and care as possible because in two days I will begin the trek back “home” to finish out the worst of winter and pick up our RV before making yet ANOTHER trip back up to SD for the summer.

I practice “mindful coloring.” Some days the brain fog is too thick to put together a cohesive sentence, those are the times when I color the most. I pick a fairly simple pattern, grab my pencils, put on some soothing music and have at it. I participate in the fabulously fun “Escapist Coloring Challenge” which is a great way to stay inspired. Go check it out and take a look at all the really fabulous coloring art the participants have created. It’s also a great way to get out of your own head. This is my project for February, as you can see, it’s coming along but has a long way to go.

2.16.19 spoonie Sat coloring club Feb

I like to put in my ear buds and listen to soothing music while I color, this is one of my favorites Fairy Ring by Mike Rowland

Til next time ~Keep calm and save a spoon ~JPP

6 thoughts on “Spoonie Saturday – What Color is Your Spoon?

  1. Beautiful art!!! My sympathies on the cold in the making (if that’s what it turns out as). I read an interesting post by my friend Willow (of Patience of Willow) where she writes about her frustration with being chronically ill. I recently discovered “spoon theory” and I LOVE the concept. And I’ve incorporated it into a lot of my life vis a vis my own chronic illness and mental health challenges. Spoons. GREAT! Wonderful post JP! 🙂

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    1. Thanks so much Melanie. The first time I read the spoon theory I was like “oh cr** that’s it, exactly! Many a day I’ve had to make a decision to either take a shower or cook dinner because there’s just not enough to do both. 😉


      1. I’m happy for more education on it and I really like the underlying philosophy of self-care. In the rat race we are taught to just keep pushin on no matter what, and we suffer for it…

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