Just Jot it January # 22


Today’s Just Jot it January prompt from lindaghill.com is brought to us by Pamela — Curiosity


She lay crouched, belly low to the ground. The grass waved a bit above her stealthy form. Eyes focused intently, it was there, she knew it was, she had seen it only moments ago. What was it? Would it come again? The curiosity was like an itch screaming to be scratched. Still she waited, barely breathing, low and slow she crept ever closer. Suddenly, there it was a scant movement of the soil. Wait, wait … and she pounced, GOTCHA!

“Snowball it’s time for dinner,” her human’s voice rang from the front stoop. Snowball proudly carried her prize, a tiny mole, dropping it at the human’s feet.

Word count 107

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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