Just Jot it January 20 – Pixie Serendipity


For Just Jot it January today’s prompt Serendipity brought to us by Jill

Pixie Serendipity

Shara had a stitch in her side from the flat out run across the meadow but now they were at the edge of the forest and she slowed to a quick walk, glancing behind her and gasping for air.

Shara looked down at the small glass globe attached to her belt by a fine net. “Almost there,” she whispered.

Once she was safely deep in the woods, Shara stopped and unfastened the globe. Within it sat a tiny winged girl glowing with a faint light. An exhausted little pixie sprite, barely even glowing. “Just a minute let me ready the spell.”

Shara set the globe down while the pixie placed her hands on the wall of her tiny prison. Shara summoned her magic and passed a gentle hand over the glass, dissolving it instantly. The pixie sprung to life and fluttered above the sandy remains. “Oh thank you,” the pixie cried.

“You are most welcome little sister,” Shara nodded solemnly “I am Shara, Witch of the Greenwood. How shall I call you?”

The pixie flittered closer “My kin call me Serendipity.”

Shara smiled at the happy accident of finding what she needed most, a tiny pixie.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

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