Wacky Weekend Challenge # 3

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Special thanks to Dark Netizen for hosting the Wacky Weekend challenge. My Friday Flash Fiction with multiple prompts for your consideration.


It was dark beyond the perimeters of the asylum. A full moon lit a portion of sky overhead but all of the street and parking lamps were unlit. A suspicious circumstance that somehow went unnoticed. Exactly what Solanj was counting on. Dressed in black from her low boots to the skullcap that covered her honey colored hair, she blended into the darkness like a shadow.

Stepping lightly, leaving no trace on the frost gathering on the grass, Solanj made her way to the rear entrance. She paused for a few seconds at the door to bump the lock. No sound, down the hallway to the Asylum Administrator’s office a quick jostle of the slim pick and it opened silently.

Row after row of filing cabinets greeted her. Looking quickly around, Solanj went directly to the classified files. She found what she was looking for in the third cabinet. Her gloved hands moved with practiced ease as she replace the folder with an identical one. The new file still listed the “Jane Doe” of room 463 with minor medical notes regarding her condition but the rest was blank.

Solanj slid the file and into a special pocket in her jacket and quietly began to exit the building. Some primal instinct must have led her for she found herself standing in front of room 463. Jane Doe turned her vacant expression toward the door and for a moment Solanj longed for a look, a spark of recognition, a twinkle of memory, even the doleful stare her sister held in the moments before her mind had snapped and her eyes had gone blank.

Solanj felt a twinge in her chest, a tightening in her throat. What some people might feel as sorrow. She quickly recovered. “No pain, No rage, No fear, No fate,” she breathed her mantra silently. She fled on silent feet, through the hall, out the door and over the fence.

Word Count 321

Includes the following prompts:
Tales from the mind of Kristian  doleful
Fandango’s one word challenge  
One Daily Prompt suspicious
Ragtag Daily Prompt Frost
Dark Netizen Wacky Weekend Challenge  Black

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP


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