Wacky Weekend Challenge # 3

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Special thanks to Dark Netizen for hosting the Wacky Weekend challenge. My Friday Flash Fiction with multiple prompts for your consideration.


It was dark beyond the perimeters of the asylum. A full moon lit a portion of sky overhead but all of the street and parking lamps were unlit. A suspicious circumstance that somehow went unnoticed. Exactly what Solanj was counting on. Dressed in black from her low boots to the skullcap that covered her honey colored hair, she blended into the darkness like a shadow. Continue reading “Wacky Weekend Challenge # 3”

Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge 2 – The Explosion

bracelet pexels

Check out the Wacky Weekend Challenge over at the Dark Netizen, fun stuff.

This week’s prompt: Explosion

The explosion went as planned. A huge fireball with copious amounts of harmless smoke and little lasting damage but it drew off the sentries. Solanj walked calmly up to the embassy door, glanced about making sure she was unseen and entered. Continue reading “Dark Netizen’s Wacky Weekend Challenge 2 – The Explosion”