Jaded Point of View – Sunday Shots

For Terri’s Sunday Stills where monthly color challenge is “jade,” John’s cellpic sunday and Natalie’s Weekend Coffee Share

Jade comes in as many colors as you can name. There rests in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, Taiwan a jade carving of bokchoy. Carved from a single piece of multicolored jadeite, it starts with pure white stalks graduating to the brilliant green leaves. But I digress. The most highly valued type of jade is Imperial Jade, which is the deep green color we’ve all come to know and admire. That’s what I’ve gone with here. So without further ado …

A Jaded point of view

Let’s start in Dunedin, NZ at Larnach Castle, here in the ladies sitting room, walls painted a delightful light jade color and resting atop the marble mantle two ceramic vases and two carvings in deeper shades of jade green.

Huge Sycamore

In Queenstown, NZ we find a natural jade in the needles of this huge sycamore tree which was brought from my native California some 300 years ago according to the tour plaque.

Heading north to Japan, we find jade-colored moss and ferns on an old stone bridge in Kyoto, Japan

dragon water spout

Here a grey-green jade colored (OK it’s really more verdigris) bronze dragon water spout at Kurama-dera, Japan

lily pads

Taking a turn to the west, we find ourselves surrounded by jade colored lily pads in a water garden in Suzhou, China


And finally, far west, closer to home, we find a field of white hail stones littered with jade leaves and pine needles from the “holy hand grenade of hail storms” of 2021 in Rapid City, South Dakota, USA. This was snapped with my cell phone a few hours after the storm abated.

That’s it from Castle Serenity, I’m off to use my Gau Sha. 😉

11 thoughts on “Jaded Point of View – Sunday Shots

  1. No jaded thoughts in this post, JP! What amazing hues of jade depicting in your beautiful images! I like the dragon–what a great color. The jade surroundings of the room in the castle seem very calming and natural in their hues. Glad you could share again this week!

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