TPC — Junk Garden

tpc 3.4.20 cute little junk garden in Lusk WY

For fpj Photo Challenge our prompt this week: Junk.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Very early spring in Wyoming, you gotta take the beauty wherever you find it. In a few weeks, the area will be covered in lush, vibrant life, but for now assorted “junk” garden will do nicely.

3.4.20 tpc JUNK

Scene from the Halloween Party, chips and cookies and candy .. oh MY!!

Junk Food Junkie — Larry Groce

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

4 thoughts on “TPC — Junk Garden

      1. We have a junk yard about a mile away. There is a property somewhere behind it, but there is everything piled in the garden from road signs to deck chairs, baths and bicycles.
        Junk is stacked like totem poles, and arranged as if expecting visitors judging by access to tables. The guy who lives there is a recluse, and it’s not clear if he lives in his junk (as he’s seen sitting there sometimes in the summer) or inside the house. Sadly it isn’t the prettiest or tidiest of sights.

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