MEMORIAL – a Haibun Monday


The buildings tower above the old farm lands, dull prisons of forgotten dreams. Dreams we once fought for, dreams we once died for lie neglected and abandoned like the concrete pillars on which the city stands.

Here on the hill, overlooking it all, I see the end of the green. The wall lies behind me, a memorial to long forgotten soldiers. Where is the memorial to the rest of us? Those left behind with the great holes in our lives, left to stumble blindly through the tragedy of loss, sacrificed to the naked stupidity of war.

A dark empty wall
robbed of joyful memory
only names remain

For Haibun Monday on dVerse Poets

Til next time ~Peace – always peace ~JPP

7 thoughts on “MEMORIAL – a Haibun Monday

  1. Good point. For every name on the wall somewhere there is a family, broken and grieving at the loss of a bright young future. So sad.

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