Spring Rays

Winter’s sleep has reached it’s end
rain showers bring life to the land
everywhere green begins to appear
shyly waiting for skies to clear
the earth is waking beneath my feet
the clouds slowly begin their retreat
with the sun, birds begin to sing
welcoming the first rays of Spring

~Peace to you ~JP

Of Pearls and Aprons

Digital collage from my rapidly-becoming-out-of-control Canva stash

This is not a pearl necklace
but a strand of memories
each more precious than the last
Layer upon shimmering layer
each covering a tiny seed
of discontent, making it
a bit more bearable

This is not an apron
but a sacred mother’s mantle
for it baked up magic cookies
to soothe my little fears
as Grandma gently kissed me
and with that apron
wiped away my tears

Beauty in the layers
pearls of a mother’s wisdom
truth lies deep within the grit
love in every crease and fold
of Grandma’s sacred mantle
treasured secrets wrapped
in layers of love and life

~Peace my peeps ~JP

Easter Egg Skies

Dusky rose and cerulean blue
pastel backdrops of fading light
against frilly tendrils of clouds
I await the coming of the night
Up where the wind blows the clouds
until they billow and furl
twixt starlight and daybreak
lies a magical world
Where there’s barely a day
and hardly no night
there are beings of shadow
and stunning creatures of light
where dragons silently drift
across Easter egg skies
and then disappear
in the blink of an eye

The dawn this morning was all pastel pink buttermilk clouds against the bright blue of morning. Shades like the Easter eggs we colored as kids, delicate and gentle.
Like you.

~Be Blessed Wild Ones ~JP

Colorful Rain

Prompt: Colorful Rain

Rain runs down the sidewalk
through the chalk painting
like colorful rain in rivulets
of brilliant hues and abstract blends
people rush by heads bowed
against the patter of raindrops
they never even noticed
the kaleidoscope of cascading colors
unearthly beauty right before their eyes
unnoticed and disregarded in the rush
to be where they are not
and the clouds continue to weep
at the beauty of colorful rain

~Peace Peeps ~JP

Monday Musings – My Soul’s Circles

Truth comes round in circles
all the things we think we know
like the turns of the medicine wheel
become the circles of the soul
the truths we know, in our
hearts and in our minds
are what we hold on to
during troubled times
changing the color of our vision
light the way for love to grow
coming round yet one more time
to form the circles of my soul

Til next time ~Stay Trippy Hippies

Snow Moon

The moon this morning is shrouded in the gossamer fabric of clouds. A welcoming ethereal wonder to my heart and soul. The February moon, Snow Moon. I breathe into her glow as the clouds drift by. She is almost hidden from me, bundled deep in her wrap of clouds and sky. Elegantly fierce and serenely gentle she wraps me in her cool embrace like a older sister bundled in her shawl. For if I am a child of the Earth, is the Moon not my sister? Older, wiser, ageless beauty and timeless elegance. Welcome Sister Moon.

Misty Snow Moon winks
clouds can not cover her glow
drift by silently

Til next time ~Peace Peeps

February Fairy

A Winter storm moved in this week with all the mock ferocity of a kitten. Gentle rain that turned to ice as the temperatures dropped. In it’s wake it left a delicate crystal forest of trees and shrubs magically encased in sparkling glass. A million diamond glints on winter-bare branches. I walked among them like a tourist through a glass blower’s shop awe struck by the delicate beauty of it all. My tree encased in her glimmering ice gown became at once both exquisitely fragile and unbelievably strong. Home of the February Fairies that pirouetted, dangling from nearly bare branches, made golden and bronze by the ice and frost joined by the rollicking sparrows like so many fluttering leaves.

~May the joy of the Winter Fairies be with you ~JP

Spoonie Lament – Prednisone Purgatory

So it’s been a week. Chronic cough finally reached the “I can’t take it anymore” point and off I went to the Pulmonologist. Surprise, surprise, I’m back on prednisone, a rather heavier dose than I’m accustomed to but the cough was worse than it’s been in years. Feeling much better now but anxious to get back to normal life. If you’ve ever been on steroid therapy you know that it affects every aspect of your day to day life, some good, some bad but always different. So, for now, I’m back on prednisone.

Spoonie Lament – Prednisone Purgatory

Prednisone oh prednisone you gave me
cataracts and several broken bones
but here I am right back on you
’cause the doctors don’t know
what else to do oh yeah
I’m back on prednisone

Prednisone you’re kinda hard on me
you keep me up all night when I shouldn’t be
I drink lots of water for my kidneys
but now it’s three a.m.
and I’ve gotta pee …. again
I’m back on prednisone

Prednisone oh prednisone
your side effects are bad enough alone
you may put me in an early grave
but you sure do make
my immune system behave
so for now, I’m back on prednisone

~Peace Out Peeps, I’m off for a cup of decaf tea ;-p

Mountain Pearls

My prompt for today “Mountain pearls”

Rain drops cling to the bare branches of the tree. Tiny prisms reflecting the scant light like so many shimmering pearls. A kingfisher lands on a branch creating a tiny sparkling cascade. He watches the lake with a hungry intent as the raindrops begin to shimmer anew. Like iridescent mountain pearls they lie elegant against the stark backdrop of a rainy winter day.

Winter rain shimmers
reflecting beauty and grace
while birds sing softly

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild