There are times
when the walls close in
and there’s nowhere left to hide
from the awful realness of life.

When nothing looks more appealing
than the deep amber relief
and the sweet oblivion that waits
at the bottom of the bottle.

Then I seek the solace
of your arms
and there find my reprieve
from the horrors of the world

Where once again,
the monsters of reality are tamed
and I see all the promise
of happily ever after
reflected in your eyes.

For FOWC  Bottle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP



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I told him to make himself comfortable while gesturing to the sofa as I continued to the kitchen for the brew. I brought back the good coffee service with two heavy pottery mugs and a plate of small goodies. Perhaps I should have pulled something more substantial out of the pantry, unsure what he’d be able to pick up with those claws. But food was scarce and nothing went to waste so tiny vegetable bits and crackers it was.

I nearly lost the tray when I saw Grimald on the sofa. It looked like he was trying to stuff himself behind the couch cushions. I stiffled a guffaw and placed the tray on the table then seated myself in the chair. Following my example, he righted himself and sat, somewhat stiffly. I took my drink, he took his drink. I got the impression he was unaware of social niceties and happy to mimic my movements. Continue reading “MONSTER UNDER MY BED PART 5”


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Well, I’ll be a baboon’s backside! That was weird. Even for a mutant witch. I sat on the floor and schooched closer to the bed, bent over until my upside down head was right in front of it.

Hello. It’s all right, I won’t hurt you,” I called quietly. No answer. Continue reading “MONSTER UNDER MY BED part 4”


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I had picked up the post on my way inside. Most of it was for Noemei, my roomie and best friend. Our cottage had a small upstairs unit with bed, bath and living space. Downstairs which was my area had the same but included the kitchen and dining areas which we shared. The payments were a bit much for a single person but for the two of us it was manageable. I came across the blue envelope with my name on it that held the rents request. Since I was the one who had found the cottage, it fell to me to handle the payment of the monthly rents. I didn’t really mind, the land manager was a decent enough fellow, if somewhat odd looking. His mutation had rendered him what we refer to as a “monster.” A huge man with two horns atop his head, bluish gray fur covering his arms where they stuck out of his rolled up sleeves and a good portion of his face. Frightful looking, he’s basically a decent kind of guy. Continue reading “MONSTER UNDER MY BED part 3”

Monster Under My Bed Part 2

More of the short story from my current BWIP

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The next morning, I headed off to my job at the “Wicked Brew,” a coffee house where I add magic enchantments to coffee drinks. You can walk in and order a “triple latte, no whip, extra shot of luck charm” or any other magical charm or potion from the menu. I’m a fair to middlin’ charm and potion master and I love my job there. The pay is lousy but the atmosphere is wonderful and I love Kyna, the owner, and all of the other barristas, human and witch alike. This job is about the only good thing to have come from my move to the big city. Continue reading “Monster Under My Bed Part 2”

Monster Under My Bed Part 1

Right now I’m in the middle of a time crunch. I’m working 40+ hours plus getting ready for a big vacation/business trip of two month duration. I’m also in the middle of a autoimmune flare so fatigue is a real issue. If I’m less responsive than normal, please just know I’m slammed and I’ll be back soon with lots of exploits. In the meantime, here in short readable segments is the short story inspiration of my current BWIP (Big Work In Process). Thanks for stopping by and reading. ~JPP

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It was late and I was tired, soul tired; the kind of tired you get when life has just beat you down. I was tired of struggling, tired of arguing, tired of rationalizing, tired of life uninspired. The rhyme almost made me giggle, almost. Mostly, I was tired of the constant arguing with Axton, the bickering, the questioning, the late nights. The final straw came when he’d not come by or called for nearly a week and then had the gall to show up with a cheap bottle of wine like nothing had happened. I told him to get out, that I was done with his cheating, manipulating ways. I threw the bottle of wine right at his head and that’s when all hell broke lose. The bloody idiot had the audacity to strike me. Well, try to. I saw it coming and threw a rudimentary magic shield up that deflected most of the blow. You see, I’m a witch. Continue reading “Monster Under My Bed Part 1”