MLMM’s Monday Wordle 4.27.20

wordle 4.27.20

For MLMM’s Monday Wordle

Today’s words: Time, Grass, Bird, Steel, Break, Highway, Chronaxie– the least amount of time the brain must send a signal to a part of the body for it to actually take action, Romance, Smooth, Spoon, Indigo, Bluster


Running at breakneck speed
down the highway of romance
bodies spooned together
smooth coolness of spring flowers

in less than a chronaxie, hearts falter
as emotions bluster against
the ravages of time
on the indigo sea of tears
abandoned and alone

on a bed of steel grass
the black bird caws
it’s haunting refrain
a bawdy counterpoint of pain

Seven Spanish Angels — Ray Charles & Willie Nelson

Til next time ~Stay Safe, Stay Sane, Stay Sanitized ~JPP

Wordle Fun – Scandal

wordle 12.9.10

for MLMM’s Wordle — ooohhh cool words, no Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia allowed!

1. Air
2. Beam
3. Retrieve
4. Left
5. Vicissitudes– noun successive, alternating, or changing phases or conditions, as of life or fortune; ups and downs
6. Benignity– noun a good deed or favor; an instance of kindness
7. Touch
8. Men
9. Morning
10. Life
11. Smart
12. Glass


The sun’s beams reflected off the glass window, filling the morning air with radiant warmth. Smart as she was, Sharaon could think of no way to retrieve her standing in the community. The cruel twist of fate that touched her life began as a simple benignity toward another lonely soul. Caught by the paparazzi, their pictures were splashed all over the front page of every scandal sheet in the province. The vicissitudes of the media had run their course but left her standing and her work destroyed. Betrayed by the hypocritical men who thought themselves her betters.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

White Witch


For Mindlovemiserysmenagerie – Wordle 153 our words are:

  1. Prévenance noun special care in anticipating or catering to the needs and pleasures of others.
    2. Demon
    3. Emblem
    4. Dash
    5. Notebook
    6. Wrong
    7. Jaws
    8. Gate
    9. Pervasive
    10. Holy
    11. Thirty
    12. Incantation

White Witch

Standing at the holy gate
of the White Witch’s prévenance
the demon jaws of other’s pain
snap and bite at every chance

Silence of pervasive wrongs
that were never hers to bear
thirty emblems on a notebook
watch the pages tear

Dash of sage, tongue of bat
stir the caldron in rotation
light the candle, fan the flame
sing the incantation

Watch the clouds that gather
hear the message thunder sends
now begins the cleansing
the White Witch’s revenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Time to Run – a Wordle Story

wordle 7.21.19

The signal came over the radio channel, it’s meaning clear to those who knew. Their resources had been stretched to the limit but the make-shift trauma unit been their home base for several months. A simple burst of static had changed all that. Persephone and the other dragons had dug through the fine rock of the cave opening to reveal the large inner cave. Continue reading “Time to Run – a Wordle Story”

The Rescue – a Wordle Story

wordle 6.23.19

The Rescue – a Wordle Story

They crept on silent feet, Star’s veil shielding them from evil eyes. The trip had been long and tiring for Star’s little company, but sleep would have to wait. They made their stealthy way along the border of the enemy camp.

In the prisoner cells, Faelinn lay curled on the floor, her ragged wings tucked tightly to her back in a protective ball. Theo was chained nearby spread eagle fashion. The techno components of his arm and chest glowed through the thin overlay of flesh with an eerie luminescence.

Between the Company and their friends lay cages filled with Peantyth. The vicious beasts resembled a cross between wyvern and jackal with dark emaciated bodies and bat-like wings. The stench from the Peantyth was overwhelming and Star wondered if soap would ever wash it away.

Her friends looked to her, she could not deny their faith nor pause to ponder why they had it. As Gwren and Noemei took up flanking positions, Star dropped the veil, planted her staff and shouted “STELLA MORTANTIUM,” as the beam of starlight exploded from the crystal end of her staff.

word count 187

Written for the Sunday Whirl’s Wordle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

How to Live a Magic Life – a Wordle

wordle 407

How to Live a Magic Life – a Wordle

Life can be messy, so have the courage to be vulnerable.
Let your soul talk and listen to the stories of struggle and success.
Remember to live and not merely exist.
Lean on your friends sometimes.
Go out of your way to be kind.
Let this be you mantra:
“Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.”

For the sundaywhirl wordle

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Weather’s Treacherous Alchemy

wordle 396

For the Sunday Wordle – I’ll give it a whirl. 😉

Treacherous Alchemy

The mix of salt and pepper skies
which brings the warmth of spring
can make the spirit sing
and the heart swell to life
But cloudy days are chill
with winds that sting and bite
but the pull still strong
of the moon in bright song
peeping through clouds so bashfully
belies weather’s treacherous alchemy

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP