The Scent of Love

TT 1.29.19
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The Scent of Love

I watched her roll out the dough. Her hands were worn and gnarled with age but strong and gentle still. The cookies would soon fill her kitchen with the heady scent of sugar and flour, and love. Her secret ingredient remains a secret to this day. I think it was love.

character count 272

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Dreams of Spring – a twittering tale

tt 1.23.19
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For Kat’s Twittering Tales

I wonder what tomorrow holds
sunshine fair or winds so cold?
Will the sky be blue and sun be bright
or will dark clouds rain til comes the night?

I wonder what the day will bring
will squirrels play and robins sing?
As Winter ends so Spring will follow
I wonder, will she come tomorrow?

Character count 279


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Spell for a Smoothie a Twittering Tale

tt 1.8.19

Seed of chia, an apple pale
hand full of spinach
hand full of kale
add some honey
it’s no trouble
flip the switch
and let the cauldron bubble
by the pricking of my thumbs
something wicked this way comes

character count: 194

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TT 1.2.19

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“It’s extortion you know,” Bill scowled at the blue Macaw, “those bloody nuts are expensive.”

The Macaw turned and eyed his owner, “Squawk … ‘What are you doing with that ax Bill? No Bill, NO! AHHHHHHH’ squawk”

Bill handed the bird another nut.

Character count: 245

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