Somewhere – Poetics Tuesday Lost in Translation

weeping-Karen_Nadine on Pixabay

Today on dverse’s Tuesday Poetics Laura asks us to:

The Poetics Challenge here is to select ONE of the poems and write your own interpretation – what the poem conjures for you, what personal feelings it touches on. You may want to use the title or make use of some of the words or just try to keep the flavour of the poem.

I have chosen:

Octavio Paz(1914-1998) – Another Spanish speaker and more recent Nobel prize winner. Born in Mexico, he was a political activist, ambassador and essayist so that much of his poetry reads like prose poems, “written within the perpetual motion and transparencies of the eternal present tense” ** Continue reading “Somewhere – Poetics Tuesday Lost in Translation”

Rage a Tuesday Poetics

Tues Poetics 6.18.19

For Poetics Tuesday, Charmed Chaos asks us for a poem inspired by some of Jackie Hurlbert’s fabulous art, one of which is show above and the inspiration for this poem.

Rage a Tuesday Poetics

The window was wide open
and yet she could not fly
a madman left her broken
and she never quite knew why

Ravens drawn to darkness
saw it deeply in her eyes
the sorrow and the anger
as she gazed into the sky

Her rage became a tool
unbound by mortal laws
He may have clipped her wings
but he forgot that she had claws


Til next time ~Carry your Dreams ~JPP