Everything is Figureoutable — Cee and Chris

I found this AWESOME video on Cee and Chris site this morning.  Thank you Chris, I totally needed this today.

I am a big fan of Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul Conversations podcasts. For those who might not know Oprah, she’s an American talk show host and interviewer, writer, philanthropist, actor and, well, almost anything else you can think of. She’s retired from television now and is doing her SuperSoul podcasts that are “designed to light you […]

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What the heck is Found Poetry Anyway?

Poetry - Unsplash

I am starting my journey back south today. I thought I might share some links and tips about writing found poetry. Found Poetry is a lot of fun and it’s many different things to different people.

Wikipedia on Found Poetry:

Poets.org gives some great instruction

A great example from M. Oniker right here on WP

And even though it’s not really Found Poetry, it’s Poetry that I Found AWESOME. “If I was a Love Poet” by Rudy Francisco

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Life’s Not A Competition — The Haunted Wordsmith

Life is not a competition, her grandfather would say when driving down the road and an out-of-towner would blast their horn and yell or flip him off when they passed. He would simply wave and smile. Life is not a competition, he would say while waiting in line at the grocery store while others tapped […]

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Such a great piece!  Thanks for the reminder!