Shara’s Tale – The Beginning

This story is the beginning of Shara’s Tale, from the Flash Fiction piece – Ignite
Posting over the next few days for quick reads.

angel-Comfreak on pixabay

The Fairies’ Witch

Shara looked at the little creature lying on the forest floor. No bigger than a child with delicate blue wings and graceful, elegant features. The fairy coughed, a tearing sound from deep in her chest.

“Twil be all right,” Shara whispered gently. She carefully rolled up her blanket to support the little creature’s head. She walked over to a stump that would serve as her work top. She took her mortar and pestle from a pocket and carefully ground herbs, a pinch of sage, a smidgen of nettle, a sprinkle of feverfew. She chanted as she worked the pestle in a counter clockwise motion.

“Powers of earth and air
help me heal this creature fair
by the power given me
I banish this illness
make it flee.”

With that she put a pinch of the powder into a small bottle, added full-moon water and shook until the potion glowed with a subtle lavender iridescence. Carefully Shara set the bottle to the fairy’s lips and poured the potion down. The fairy stirred for a moment and then fell into a deep slumber. Shara covered her little friend with her shawl and set about preparing small, sheltered, fire. Continue reading “Shara’s Tale – The Beginning”