Dreams of Late — a quadrille

Image from Pixabay

De (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting Quadrilles at dVerse Poets Pub and has asked for a poem about “bother” what bothers us, what do we find bothersome? What gets us hot and bothered? Hmmm … as I poke my muse repeatedly until she finally gets tired of being bothered and manages to convey some sort of inspiration.

Dreams of Late — a quadrille

At night of late
dark dreams have come
frightening and bothersome
dark shapes I cannot see
swoop, harass and bother me
moonless skies
throughout the night
colors fading from my sight
searching for the moon’s bright light
I wake to find it’s all illusion

word count 44

Til next time ~Stay Wild Moonchild ~JP

Dabbling at Art — a Quadrille

Canyonlands Moab Utah

Dabbling at Art — a Quadrille

The trail was hardscrabble
and loose sienna sand
bluejays singing babble
sky grey and bland
over boulders I grappled
as gait became unsteady
leeside shade was dappled
paint and canvas at the ready
the clouds begin to part
I begin dabbling at my art

word count 44

For dVerse Quadrille – dabbling

and JusJoJan # 12 — sing

Til next time ~Stay Trippy hippies ~JP

Pull of the Compass – a quadrille

Whimsygizmo is hosting this month’s quadrille over at dVerse Poets Pub and asks to polarize ourselves with a poem of 44 words, including “magnet.”

Pull of the Compass

Your voice reached my ears
and drew my eyes to you
with all the force of an electro-magnet
my heart followed
the way a compass points north
and then my mind
with unerring precision
I know in a manner unknowing
precisely where you are

word count 44

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Quadrille – Magic

Bryce Canyon magic
Bryce Canyon Utah – a bit of earth magic

Linda Lee Lyberg is our host for quadrille this week and has given us the challenge of “Magic” We could all use a little magic right now.

Looking for Magic

A dandelion wish
blown to the wind
a grandchild’s kiss
my heart to mend
look to the rainbow
look to the moon
look for the magic
you’ll find it soon
magic of words
gentle and kind
just look for magic
and magic you’ll find

word count 44

Strange Magic – ELO

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Quadrille — Full Moon Stir


Whimsy Gizmo is hosting dVerse Quadrille this week and asks us to “stir” things up a bit. Supermoon magic brewing here at chez spoons, so …

Full Moon Magic

Bit of this, pinch of that
tongue of dog, wool of bat
something magic might occur
give the cauldron a thorough stir

Kitchen spoon of a restaurateur
add a pinch of balsam fir
let the powers now confer
full moon magic begins to stir

word count 44

Witches Brew — Omnia

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

dVerse Quadrille – Peel Back the Layers

snakeskin-Image by sandid from Pixabay
Image by sandid from Pixabay

Mish is hosting dVerse Quadrille this week and has beckoned us with the prompt of “peel.” Late winter in the Black Hills with spring just around the corner is all about change, peeling back the layers of winter snow to catch a glimpse of the promise of warmer days to come.

Peel Back the Layers

Slither out
of yesterday’s dream
peel back the layers
and start again
like a snake whose skin
has grown too tight
peel back the layers
of the inevitable
march of time
peel back the layers
one by one
learning to walk
before we run

word count 44

Old Hippie – Bellamy Brothers

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

DVerse Poets Quadrille – Stay Little

dragon-Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay
Image by Mystic Art Design from Pixabay

Whimsygizmo is hosting Quadrille over at dVerse Poets Pub this week and has given us the prompt of “fill.”

Stay Little a Little Longer

Stay little a little longer
so I can hold you
a few moments more
here by the warm glowing fire
toys covering the floor

Childhood is too soon over
I’ll never have my fill
of storybooks and silly rhymes,
days of Jack and Jill

Word count 44

Puff the Magic Dragon — Peter, Paul & Mary

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

dVerse Poets Quadrill – Dancing in the Glow

campfire Photo by Nathan Lindahl on Unsplash

Lillian is hosting dVerse Poets Pub final Quadrille of 2019 and asks us to glow with the season. “Write a quadrille (a poem of EXACTLY 44 words, not including the title) AND include the word “glow” or a form of the word within the body of the poem. A synonym for glow does not fulfill the prompt. It must be the word, or a form of the word.”

Dancing in the Glow

Waning moonlight shines
on the forest below
painted now and covered
with icicles and snow
wild dancing ’round
the firelight’s glow
the winter pixies
perform their show
but old Mother Winter
doesn’t watch alone
I gaze in silent wonder
frost nipping at my nose

Word count 44

And Winter Came – Enya

Til next time ~ May the joy of the holidays glow in your heart ~JPP

(Sorry couldn’t resist) 😉

Spirit of Light – a dVerse Quadrille


De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) is hosting at dVerse Poets pub for Quadrille 93. “Pen us a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting the title), including some form of the word spirit.”

Spirit of Light

A star in the dark shall be woken
light from the shadows shall spring
spirit so strong can’t be broken
bells too long silent won’t ring
remember to listen and hear
when one star stands alone in the darkness
then every nightmare shall fear

word count 44


Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

My Wabi Sabi Heart – a cracked quadrille


Whimsygizmo is hosting quadrille night at dVerse Poets Pub tonight and bids us take a crack at poeming.

My Wabi Sabi* Heart

my wabi sabi heart
is filled with cracks and holes
letting in the light
that colors up my soul
cerulean blues, volcanic reds
and yellows
kaleidoscope colors of my years
and I am grateful for every shade
bright white laughter
and glistening black tears

word count 44

*Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese word with many meanings relating to observance of the impermanence and imperfections of life. The definition I have always found most enjoyable came to me from a street vendor in Osaka, Japan “it is a way of living that focuses on the beauty within the imperfections of life and peaceful acceptance of the natural cycle of decay.”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP