dVerse Poetics – Black

from my polyvore collection

HA is hosting and welcomes us to another week of dVerse Poetics. “Today, I am prompting you to think of what comes to your mind when you picture ‘Black’. Think of what it means to you or what it stands for. You can venture into different areas like identity, materialism, personal experiences, physics, et al. as well. Or you can simply incorporate the word ‘black’ in your title and poem. Once you have thought it through and you have written and published your poem, link it up in the widget down below.”

Black Heart

Deep and Rich and Dark
the black of night
removes the colors
from our sight
but for a single star
that burns more bright
or is it just illusion

Hearts so fragile
and easily broken
when into blackness
the mind is woken
when angry words
can’t be unspoken
souls lie in confusion

Blackness covers all
withered limbs that
writhe and fall
crumbled ‘neath the wind
we must walk away or crawl
as colors dance in gay profusion

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Dance – a Poetics Portrait

dancers gypsies
Photo from moderncolors on Pixabay

Ha is hosting Tuesday Poetics at dVerse Poets Pub and Ha bids us:

“This week, I am exhorting you all to write/create a profile/portrait in your verse. You can go about it in a variety of ways — you can write a descriptive piece about an interesting person you met today or profile a loved one (or perchance someone you don’t like at all) or think of an event involving one or multiple people and write about the things as they transpired with people in the focus or perhaps do a self-portrait. It is open to interpretation but there are certain tools that can enhance a profile/portrait, for instance, rich details, movements, sensory descriptions, quotes, et al. Choose any or all.”

The Dance

She walks gently across
the last grass of summer
bare feet barely bruising
the browning blades

The scarf around her waist
is festooned with tiny bells
that jingle and clamor
with the sway of her hips

We lay a blanket on the grass
and she takes out her cards
telling me my future
while I smile and laugh

By the light of her lanterns
we dance beneath the stars
to the ancient song of the trees
and the music of the winds

We dance for our sisters
both near and far away
those who cannot remember
a time when the swish and sway

of a woman’s hips and legs
were so profound and beautiful
that music was molded to it
and they called it the dance

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Poetics of Food

pumpkin pixabay

Lisa is hosting Poetics Tuesday over at dVerse Poets pub and she has asked for a poem about food. Fall and food an inextricably linked for me. Food and memories, I can still smell the pies baking. I wonder sometimes, how will a generation brought up on store bought confections ever know the pure bliss of the smelling the first pumpkin pie of day, fresh from the oven, still jiggily as jello, cooling near the window.

Grandma’s Pumpkins

All through the month of October,
the leaves turned bright colors
and merrily danced on the winds
like the way I learned to dance
with my tiny feet on top of Daddy’s

Grandma’s kitchen was filled
with harvest smells and warmth
fog from the cook pots steaming
the windows where I drew hearts
leaves and jack-o-lanterns

Pumpkins graced the table nightly
in some form or another
roasted and drizzled with oil
mashed with rich butter
or baked into elegant pies

The pies were my favorite
delicate things they were,
edges with dough shaped like leaves
the top dark brown at the center
radiating out into delicate umber edges

The largest from the patch
were carved on Halloween
into happy faces, filled with candlelight
to keep unfriendly spirits at bay
silent sentries guard us through the night

Grandmother and her kitchen are gone now
I watch my grandchildren carve the pumpkins
that will stand guard over our homes this night
the kitchen is redolent with steam and smells
of cinnamon and butter, and Grandma’s pumpkins

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Smoke and Mirrors – Reflections on Poetry


For Poetics Tuesday Amaya asks us to:

“think about our own place within this complex construct of empty rhetoric and doublespeak, optical illusion and obscure motives; let us also remember most importantly, that writing poetry is a clear and simple form of rebellion against a world that is anything but clear and simple. A noble act of civil disambiguation, if you will, and I am honored to partake with you tonight, my friends. So feel free to use whichever devices you have at your disposal in whichever poetic form you choose to convey your own experience of ‘smoke and mirrors’, from maddening repetition or Lewis Carroll-esque tomfoolery to dry irony or poignant symbolism.”

Smoke and Mirrors Continue reading “Smoke and Mirrors – Reflections on Poetry”

Somewhere – Poetics Tuesday Lost in Translation

weeping-Karen_Nadine on Pixabay

Today on dverse’s Tuesday Poetics Laura asks us to:

The Poetics Challenge here is to select ONE of the poems and write your own interpretation – what the poem conjures for you, what personal feelings it touches on. You may want to use the title or make use of some of the words or just try to keep the flavour of the poem.

I have chosen:

Octavio Paz(1914-1998) – Another Spanish speaker and more recent Nobel prize winner. Born in Mexico, he was a political activist, ambassador and essayist so that much of his poetry reads like prose poems, “written within the perpetual motion and transparencies of the eternal present tense” ** Continue reading “Somewhere – Poetics Tuesday Lost in Translation”

While I Wait – a mindful Tuesday Poetics


While I Wait

The cool dampness on my feet
as I walk the dewy morning grass
Jays jabber, doves coo
the rest of the world is still asleep

While I wait for the sunrise

I dig my toes into the damp earth
and reach out to caress the
rough back of a favorite tree
watch a butterfly soar silently

while I wait for the sunrise

and for a time I sit in silence
the drunken monkey of my mind
and the sugared two-year old of my ego
leave me a few moments of quiet

while I wait for the sunrise

I touch the wet grass and the tree
I touch the sky and my mind soars
free from the constant barrage
of psychic noise that permeates my world
my heart at peace, my soul renewed

while I watch the sun rise

word count 132

for dVerse Poets Pub – Tuesday Poetics

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


The Goddess Shook in Anger – a Poetics Tuesday offering


She watched them as they traveled
on her oceans bright and blue
She watched them as they gathered
with their smiles all bright and new
She watched them dance with wild abandon
around her sacred tree
She smiled to hear their laughter
in the days when the hearts was free
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We are Poets

daffodil pixabay

Written for dverse poets

What is the poetic hum in your life? What hums in the background of your life that inspires you as you unconsciously listen while you work and live? Is the drone always there or do you have to cultivate the inspiration?

We Are Poets

I sit at my desk
and stare at my inbox
how can this be my destiny
to work for a living
staring at cubicle walls
and columns of numbers
I am a poet Continue reading “We are Poets”