Tell the story challenge – Summer’s Tribute

Thanks to Kristian for the tag. Kristian tagged me a few days ago as well but I wasn’t able to respond to that challenge right away due to time constraints. I’ve combined them here.  Double thanks for not giving up on me. 😉

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Summer’s Tribute

The ground wasn’t red any more. All the stains of violence were gone. The Summer Queen noticed that first. Then she saw the efforts humans had put into restoring the peace and beauty to the land, but the scars of magical violence lingered still. Not visible to the human eye, her fairy senses could still feel the monstrous betrayal of Winter’s Frost Giants. They had burned that fair land with magic blue frost and in it’s wake left dying trees to fall and crush the helpless. The humans thought it a tragic accident, a freak winter storm,  Summer’s Queen knew better. Continue reading “Tell the story challenge – Summer’s Tribute”

Teddy Bears and the Brigade

kira sun scribbles 2.3.19

This week’s Kira’s Sunday Scribble left my in a quandary.  I really, really wanted to write a cute little poem about the brave Teddy Bear Brigade. But alas, the picture isn’t saying that to me and it’s screaming louder and louder that if I write some cutesy little piece about it, it will …. well I don’t know what but never underestimate the power of art or Teddy Bears! So, without further ado, Continue reading “Teddy Bears and the Brigade”

The Scent of Love

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The Scent of Love

I watched her roll out the dough. Her hands were worn and gnarled with age but strong and gentle still. The cookies would soon fill her kitchen with the heady scent of sugar and flour, and love. Her secret ingredient remains a secret to this day. I think it was love.

character count 272

For Kat’s Twittering Tales come join us for fun and lessons in brutal editing. 😉

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Home Again a Tell the Story Challenge

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Fandango tagged me for this story challenge where we are supposed to:

  1. write something in response to the photo you are given (above)
  2. pick a picture of your own (see the end of the post), and
  3. tag three other bloggers to do the same.

Home Again

Xerena waved a hand and unbound the wards on her front door. Inserting the key in the mundane lock, she shouldered the door open. Dropping her knapsack on the floor, she looked around. The flat was tiny, old and cluttered, but it was home. Continue reading “Home Again a Tell the Story Challenge”

Blessing of the Goddess

kira sun scribbles 12.9.18

Written for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles

The Goddess perched upon the mountaintop
beneath the noon day sun
She watched the man as he was working
to see what he had done

He gathered rocks and branches
and stacked them way up high
Leaving one side open
from which to see the sky

He labored hard and long
and built this family a home
to shelter growing children
it was built from wood and stone

When he’d finished they asked her blessing
and the Goddess understood
he’d used just what he was given
the Goddess smiled, and life was good

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Twittering Tale – # 114

Thanks to Kat for this week’s Twittering Tale prompt. Do check out all the great entries and join in the fun here.

little-boy-mabelamber on pixabay

Timmy and Billy crouched near the hole in the old tree.
“It was a Leprechaun.”
“Naw, squirrel.”
Suddenly, a tiny winged man appeared, tapping his foot and yelling “I am NOT a Leprechaun!”
Timmy and Billy turned to each other nodding wisely, “Squirrel!”

Character count 274

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The Asylum


For Crimsons creative challenge 1 Thanks for the prompt.

The Asylum

Solanj stood outside the asylum, staring. She felt the tingling along her spine, a forewarning of approaching danger. No sound. With one smooth move, Solanj whirled, kicked out and swept the assassin’s feet from under him. With a flourish, she brandished her butterfly knife and held it at the assassin’s throat.

“Wait” cried the assassin. “You can’t kill me. That was a church, this is sacred ground.” Seeing the contemptuous look she gave him, he shuddered. “Don’t you believe in God?”

Solanj pressed the knife deeper. “In there lies my twin, trapped within her own mind by the ravages perpetrated upon us both. For years I prayed, I bargained, I sacrificed but no God listened.” Solanj shook her head slightly “Oh, I believe in God all right, and I hate the bastard.” With a single motion, she slit the assassin’s throat, cleaned and re-sheathed her blade as she walked inside.

Word count: 150

Till next time ~Peace ~JPP

Three Witches

FFfPP # 43

The bus pulled away in a cloud of dust and exhaust fumes. Mary didn’t even notice, she was still standing, suitcase in hand, staring. This couldn’t be right. The ad had requested a housekeeper for a large family estate. It had failed to mention the dilapidated condition. “Must be better on the inside,” Mary assured herself as she wound her way through the dry dead weeds to the front door. Continue reading “Three Witches”