White Witch


For Mindlovemiserysmenagerie – Wordle 153 our words are:

  1. Prévenance noun special care in anticipating or catering to the needs and pleasures of others.
    2. Demon
    3. Emblem
    4. Dash
    5. Notebook
    6. Wrong
    7. Jaws
    8. Gate
    9. Pervasive
    10. Holy
    11. Thirty
    12. Incantation

White Witch

Standing at the holy gate
of the White Witch’s pr√©venance
the demon jaws of other’s pain
snap and bite at every chance

Silence of pervasive wrongs
that were never hers to bear
thirty emblems on a notebook
watch the pages tear

Dash of sage, tongue of bat
stir the caldron in rotation
light the candle, fan the flame
sing the incantation

Watch the clouds that gather
hear the message thunder sends
now begins the cleansing
the White Witch’s revenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP