31 days of October challenge Some Kitchen Witchery

31 days October

For 31 days of October challenge.ย Todays thoughts were inspired by Beckiesmentalmess do pop over and give her Witchy Poem a read.

Now first off, I love all types of witchery but by far my favorite is Kitchen Witchery. Secondly, it’s flipping cold and windy in mid-October and soups and teas are just my thing right now. Continue reading “31 days of October challenge Some Kitchen Witchery”

31 days of October Challenge – Witches Brew

31 days October

For the 31 days of October Challenge – Laura has used the prompt of “spooky memes” I’ll give spooky a shot.

Because there’s just not a lot of things spookier than “Facebook” Continue reading “31 days of October Challenge – Witches Brew”

Bird Brains

bird brains

This week’s Friday Follies photo, I just found funny. But then when I got it home, it just needed a little something extra so bippity boppity boo … a sprinkle fairy dust, a little cut and paste and voila, as it should be. Now, I don’t normally go all political BUT as crazy as things are in the US right now, I couldn’t resist. It is never my intention to offend, just a little good hearted fun. Continue reading “Bird Brains”

True Confessions or OhSoWay/OhNoWay #9

20181015_115819 (2)

So Rory, over at a guy called bloke, has this new question challenge going and it really got me to chuckling so here’s my take on these very poignant questions on this week’sย Oh No Way/Oh So Way

Questions โ€“ wellโ€™ish ish!

I have eaten snails – So Way, great with butter and garlic

Received a speeding ticket – So Way more than one *hanging head in shame*

Fallen asleep during an important meeting- So No Way, I can barely fall asleep when I’m TRYING Continue reading “True Confessions or OhSoWay/OhNoWay #9”