A Spitting Image

This is a mix of three prompt challenges and I’m kind of mixing days. I’m in an odd time zone here in Kyoto, Japan and the prompts sometimes overlap from when I start them in the early morning to when I finish them in the afternoon, so I’m just going with it.

10.20.18 DWC 19

“What the …?” Princess Pei Pei looked around in confusion. The windows were covered in curtains with a delicate floral motif. The same pattern shown on the coverlet and pillow shams. “Dear me, I’m in paisley floral Hell,” she thought. Continue reading “A Spitting Image”

Movie Madness


Penelope Anne was a beautiful child. As she grew to a young woman, everyone told her she should be a movie star. She loved acting and her drama class, she was the president of the drama club and known as quite a scene stealer. Continue reading “Movie Madness”