Fairy Rain

From the all-knowing Jar of Inspiration today’s prompt: Fairy Rain

from my polyvore collection

Fairy Rain

Rain softly falls on my window pane
as I stand here listening
outside the sun is slowly waking
the spider webs are glistening
beads of rain shimmer in the morning light
like the flutter of fairy wings
tiny gems that vanish with the sun
but for now I listen to the rain
and watch the fairies dance

Til next time ~Watch for the fairies ~JP

Yuletide Blessings

from my polyvore collection

Alfie the Christmas Tree

Did you ever hear the story of the Christmas tree?
Who just didn’t want to change the show
He liked living in the woods and playing with squirrels
He liked bicycles and snow

He liked wolves and eagles and grizzly bears
And critters and creatures that crawled
Why bugs were some of his very best friends
Spiders and ants and all

Now that’s not to say that he ever looked down
On a vision of twinkled lights
Or on mirrored bubbles and peppermint canes
And a thousand other delights

And he often had dreams of tiny reindeer
And a jolly old man in a sleigh
Full of toys and presents and wonderful things
And a story of Christmas day

Oh, Alfie believed in Christmas alright
He was full of Christmas cheer
All of each and every day
And all throughout the year

To Him it was more than a special time
Much more than a special day
It was more than a beautiful story
It was a special kind of way

You see some folks have never heard a jingle bell ring
And they’ve never heard of Santa Claus
They’ve never heard the story of the Son Of God
And that made Alfie pause

Did that mean that they’d never know of peace on earth
Or the brotherhood of man
Or know how to love, or know how to give
If they can’t, no one can

You see, life is a very special kind of thing
Not just for a chosen few
But for each and every living, breathing thing
Not just me and you

So in your Christmas prayers this year
Alfie asked me if I’d ask you
Say a prayer for the wind and the water and the wood
And those who live there too

From the Album John Denver and the Muppets a Christmas Together

Til next time ~May nothing but happiness come through your door ~JP

When Spoons are Short and Expectations are High

Winter flares are no fun, at all fatigue and fuddled thinking are a nuisance at the best of times and for me at least, holidays are NOT the best of times. I’m out of spoons and trying to do way to much. Slowing my roll, so I’ve been cavorting about on Canva again. Here is my latest doodad to remind me to deal with seasonal bluesy feelings in a positive (low spoons) way.

Til next time ~Stay Trippy Hippies ~JP

Thoughtful Thursday – November Playlist

So, today I am stuck inside, windows closed, air filters running. The AQI (Air Quality Index) is a good deal higher than my safety zone allows due to forest fires. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent my whole life running from fires *shrug* so today I’m feeling a little sorry for myself (stupid fires, grumble, grumble) and nothing lifts my little heart and soul like music. Here is my November playlist filled with songs of celebration and home.

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Under a Violet Moon – Blackmore’s Night

A Pirate Looks at Forty – Jimmy Buffet

Book of Days – Enya

Jesus and Mama – Confederate Railroad

Home Again – Blackmore’s Night

Colors of the Wind – Judy Kuhn

Medicine – Rising Appalachia

Kentucky Woman – Neil Diamond

Easy Come, Easy Go – Bobby Sherman

I Have a Dream – ABBA

Moon River – Andy Williams

Back Home Again – John Denver

If you’d like to listen on Spotify, click here.

Til next time ~ Music is a window to the soul ~JP

Grandmother Tree – Crimson Creative Challenge Tale

Time for another reach into the dark recesses of my creative mind. When I looked at the picture prompt, all I saw was Gaia weeping, dark clouds of tears. OK could, possibly been influenced by listening to Blackmore’s Night lately.

digital collage from my polyvore collection

Grandmother Tree

On a craggy old clifftop
there once grew an elegant tree
her branches were strong
but it wasn’t too long
‘ere they named her
“The Olde Hanging Tree”

Time and again, they strung up a man
on branches barren of leaves
stumps twisted and dark
it soon broke her heart
innocent souls lost on
The Olde Hanging Tree

One day they brought a young woman
practicing witchcraft she had been seen
despite her innocent cries
they condemned her to die
by a rope hung from
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

They left her choking and dying
there came a terrible sound
the wind gave a scream
there on the ground
lay the last branch of
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

Now the tree blooms brightly
in springtime, as the girl dances
Tree and wind sing their song
branches covered with leaves
and she named her
“Grandmother Tree”

Word count 146

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Be Kind ~JP