Witchly Curfew

5.10.19 3TC

“Curfew was three hours ago!” Nokoa’s voice cut like a knife through the misty silence of deep night.

Etheria froze with her hand on the lion’s head. Drat, she was caught. Now Nokoa was bound to turn her in to the Head Witchtress. “How did you know?” Etheria demanded. Continue reading “Witchly Curfew”

Karaoke Night

For the haunted wordsmith daily challenge Steampunk


Noemei was waiting in the car when Star came out of the bungalow. Star smiled at her friend and took her place in the passengers seat of two seat carriage. The carriage sat low to the ground and Star automatically swept the skirt of her black mini dress under herself as she sat on the leather seat. The automatronic horses with their elaborate detailed clockwork looked almost live. The driver nodded once Star was settled and powered up the automatons. Continue reading “Karaoke Night”

Grey World

DSC00475 (2)

This story should never be told.

I woke with a start and began working the cramp out of my leg from sitting too long in the back of the “meat wagon.” That’s what they called the airplane. They were taking us to “paradise” to a land with sun and beaches, or so they claimed. Continue reading “Grey World”

Old Blue Eyes

apple orchard pixabay

It was a gorgeous day. The air clean and crisp from the night’s rainfall. Marianne was making a belated welcome breakfast for her nieces who were visiting the farm. Apple pancakes would be just the ticket. Marianne watched the twins descending the spiral staircase, wondering at their differences. For all that they were identical twins, they didn’t look anything alike. They were both delicately built, ginger hair and emerald eyes. That’s where the similarity ended. Feena was fastidious, hair brushed and neatly pulled back in an elaborate french braid, washed and dressed and ready for her day. Teena was … well, not exactly lazy but she seemed completely unaware of her personal appearance. Still in PJs, unwashed, with hair sticking every which way and eyes still swollen with sleepiness. Continue reading “Old Blue Eyes”



Word of the Day Challenge  Wanderlust

Perhaps more than any other, the word that defines my life is “wanderlust.” A deeply passionate need to wander about, to be where I am not. It’s something I inherited from my father. Seems that after 6 months in any one place, no matter how beautiful, how idyllic, I get restless, I get bad cases of wanderlust. It’s not that pleasant little “Ooooh, I love to travel” even the “man I need a vacation” feeling. It’s a hunger that is hard to keep satisfied. It can be deeply disturbing if you have a family to raise, job to work at. Although I wander extensively now, I also try to find the everyday adventure in an ordinary life. That by far is the biggest adventure of them all.

My personal tag line:

“I have my gypsy soul to blame
my heart was made to dance and sing
my feet were born to wander” ~JPP