A Mermaid’s Tale – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 8.8.19 a mermaid's tale

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge an answering photo and a poem

Kilauea light house

A Mermaid’s Tale

Born she was in freedom
but by chains too soon was bound
the mighty ocean called to her
with crashing waves of sound

Bound by mortal custom
and by magical decree
bound to live her life on land
and never to swim free

Each night beside the lighthouse
she prayed for her release
she sang to moons and dolphins
too lonely now to weep

Then one night as she was singing
standing there along the rail
she took a step, she took a leap
and the mermaid found her tail

word count 90

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


Prairie Wind – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 8.2.19

Prairie Wind

A warm wind blows
across the prairie tonight
making ripples and waves
in the summer grass
tiny sparrows dart
through seas of slender reeds
dodging the billowing surf
of golden seed tips
reeds bend in the breeze,
their tops heavy with seed
with eager anticipation
of the coming autumn
when at last they will release
their heavy burden
to blow free across the prairie

word count 64

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Anchors Away a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 7.17.19

She moved on silent engines. The Magistrate had fled to this isolated spot evading the local authorities who hadn’t the resources to bring him to justice. But Solanj did. The islanders were understandably vindictive. He hurt their children. The lucky ones had died, some lived, damaged beyond redemption. Solanj thought of the screaming girl. Kept heavily sedated, she still screamed, every day, all day, until she fell into a drug induced comatose state. Yes, thought Solanj, the Magistrate must pay, not just die, but pay. She lashed the wheel into place to maintain her course and began sharpening her knives.

word count 100

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Freedom’s Path – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 7.4.19

The path is seldom straight or true
but filled with twists and a bridge or two

Do I chance the path so overgrown
or ford the river deep and long

For life’s true freedom I do seek
but freedom is seldom for the meek

From the challenging path I never hide
I shall chance the rapids and dare the tide

From freedom’s path I’ll never part
with stars in my eyes and hope in my heart

word count 76

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Withies and Vines a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 6.26.19

The rock hut was ancient, abandoned long ago and forgotten by mortals and gods alike, it suited Shara’s purpose well. Here she was safe from the judgement of humans. Here, cloaked by nature and surrounded by growing things, she was at peace. Here she was alone, here she was free.

The withies were gathered to be woven into baskets and mats and all manner of useful things. In a few weeks, she would don her disguise, sell her baskets and return with what few items the forest could not provide. And no one would suspect that on the outskirts of their city winter’s frost never touched the vines and green things grew always, in the presence of Shara the Greenwitch.

word count 120

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Home Again – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 6.21.19

Home Again – a Crimson Creative Challenge

It had been years since Lavender has crossed the gate. The old concrete silo had been converted into a drawing room decades ago and led to the magic garden. Would Auntie Flora still be there waiting for her? Waiting to see what she had learned.

Lavender passed through the threshold of the drawing room and felt the tingling of wards. No matter, she was invited, a family member no need to leave her power outside the gate. They were all there, Auntie Flora, Sir Reginald, Baby Beatrice, even Reginald’s hounds.

Auntie Flora cried “Look, look Lavender’s back,” as she rushed to her niece.

Lavender threw open her arms and was immediately surrounded by the ethereal mist and bone chilling cold of ghostly embraces. Yes they were here, safe where she had left them while she sought the murdering wizard who had destroyed her family.

word count 144

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Frank – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 6.5.19

Frank – a Crimson Creative Challenge

He stood at the top of a small rise. Strong and fearsome, he surveyed his domain. The unmown meadow of alfalfa spread out before him. Cattle grazed lazily in the summer sun as he watched over them with his fierce eyes focused. There, by the fence, … INTRUDERS. Frank lunged forward, his deep treads digging furrows in the soft soil. “FACE MY WRATH,” Frank bellowed, throwing great clods of dirt and grass up behind him.

Down the meadow among the lazy cows, Mater shouted back to Lightning, “Don’t let Frank catch ya,” as he sped away from the roaring tractor.

word count 100

inspired by the movie “Cars”

for Crimsons Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Don’t let Frank catch ya ~JPP

Lilacs and Memories – A Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 5.29.19

Lilacs covered the side of the house that spring, their perfume heady and sweet. I close my eyes and I can see the cottage, chipped walls in need of paint. I remember it all, water skis and Cranberry Lake, rich coffee at the market, Mt. Baker shining in the distance.

How was I to know it wouldn’t last? That like the winds across Deception Pass you would blow through my life leaving nothing but memories and emptiness, a hole that love once filled.

I put my face to the lilacs, breathing deep; it all comes back, sights, smells and tears.

word count 100

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP