The Vision

50 word thrs 1.10.19

I saw at last through eyes and tears
the final sum of all my fears
through vision found
that they were lies

The crystaline perfection
gives the mind’s torment a pause
I spin in a haze of greens and blues
my perceptions soon unravel
like a roll of finest gauze

Word count 50

For Fifty Word Thursday

Many thanks for Teresa at haunted wordsmith for the prompt. Jump in and join the fun.

Spell for a Smoothie a Twittering Tale

tt 1.8.19

Seed of chia, an apple pale
hand full of spinach
hand full of kale
add some honey
it’s no trouble
flip the switch
and let the cauldron bubble
by the pricking of my thumbs
something wicked this way comes

character count: 194

Thanks to Kat for the wonderful Twittering Tale prompt this week. Come on over and join the fun: Twittering Tales

Painting Class -JusJoJan # 8


Painting Class

Susan stood before the canvas, brush in hand, contemplating. She stepped back to survey her handiwork.  It was good.

Gill and Joann approached and peered over her shoulder.

“That’s the ugliest tree I’ve ever seen,” Joann complained.

Gill jumped to Susan’s defense. “What do you mean? That’s a beautiful tree.”

Susan stood there silently, looking back and forth between the two of them. Finally, she threw down her brushes and stomped out of the studio.

Groans filled the classroom when Joann and Gill read the title of the painting. “Self Portrait.”

Word count 91

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

I am studying forms of flash fiction, this piece is part of my “lesson” today regarding 100 word stories and the blank spaces in between.

“Write a 500 word story on any subject. Now pare it down to 250 then 100. How can you work with the gaps to build excitement.”

Thanks to for the  Just Jot it January challenge day 8  and to Ritu for the prompt: Self




bracelet pexels

JusJoJan Day 7

Thanks to for this great way to start the year challenge and thanks to Tara for the prompt


Solanj watched the man across the table. Highly unusual this meeting. But the tip had come from a trusted source so she waited. His eyes told her nothing. Bright blue eyes, china blue, that was what she had once called them. Had she known someone with that color eyes? Hard to remember.

The man said nothing, and Solanj continued to wait. She was good at this, waiting, watching for the opening that always came. Continue reading “Memento”

Fairy Escape

kiras sun scribbles 1.6.19

A flash fiction story for Kira’s Sunday Scribbles

Fairy Escape

The forest drake the Technocrats captured had now been turned into a living tank, it’s brain replaced with a difference engine. The whys of the Technocrat religion had long been lost to history but the reality of their destructive crusade was alarming. The Technocrat Crusade sought to destroy all the “blasphemous” magical creatures of the land. Continue reading “Fairy Escape”

SOCoS and JusJoJan 5


This is my first attempt at steam of consciousness writing so please keep in mind that I’m not supposed to polish or refine it in anyway *yikes so totally not me*. This is just the way stuff rolls out of my brain. Thanks to for the prompt.


Sip sap sup
I wonder what is up
to sip the sap of maple trees
or sop up supper’s gravy please
and what of sep a septuagenarian?
a separate gregorian?
I think this poem is a flop
written by some brainless sop.

😉 Yeah, my mind is a weird, dark labyrinthine maze.

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Hidden in Ice and Snow

fffaw 198th 12.31.18
Photo credit: Akshata Ram

For Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge for week ending 1/7/19.

Hidden in Ice and Snow

She lay hidden from view of the camp, covered in ice and snow. Waiting for a signal, waiting and waiting. Her weapons and body disguised against the sun’s bright glare, she gave no hint of her presence, no shiver, no steam of breath. A silent puff of smoke told her the time had come. She sighted her target. The rocket launcher sang it’s song of destruction. Snow, black smoke and screams erupted from the camp below. Amidst the confusion, she slipped away, unnoticed. Smiling, another job completed.

word count 87

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP