Wide Eyed Wanderings — Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand

Queenstown is the Extreme Sports capital of New Zealand, probably of the world. Name an extreme sport and chances are if it’s not readily available, they can arrange it for you. So what do two, non-sports (much less extreme sports) oriented older people do in Queenstown? We’ve taken the bus into “The Remarkables” shopping area, wandered the town’s back streets and lakeside neighborhoods. We’ve walked along the lake and stopped for tea and scones at a wonderful little coffee shop or two. Been revitalized at the Hilton’s wonderful spa. For our final day of wanderings, we set back across Lake Wakatipu to the Queenstown docks and the Queenstown Gardens. Continue reading “Wide Eyed Wanderings — Queenstown Gardens, New Zealand”

Just Jot it January # 22


Today’s Just Jot it January prompt from lindaghill.com is brought to us by Pamela — Curiosity


She lay crouched, belly low to the ground. The grass waved a bit above her stealthy form. Eyes focused intently, it was there, she knew it was, she had seen it only moments ago. What was it? Would it come again? The curiosity was like an itch screaming to be scratched. Still she waited, barely breathing, low and slow she crept ever closer. Suddenly, there it was a scant movement of the soil. Wait, wait … and she pounced, GOTCHA!

“Snowball it’s time for dinner,” her human’s voice rang from the front stoop. Snowball proudly carried her prize, a tiny mole, dropping it at the human’s feet.

Word count 107

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Just Jot it January 20 – Pixie Serendipity


For Just Jot it January today’s prompt Serendipity brought to us by Jill

Pixie Serendipity

Shara had a stitch in her side from the flat out run across the meadow but now they were at the edge of the forest and she slowed to a quick walk, glancing behind her and gasping for air. Continue reading “Just Jot it January 20 – Pixie Serendipity”

Twittering Tales – Cauldrons Three

tt 1.15.19

Three black pots hung over the fire.

“One for biscuits, one for stew and one for witchly brew,” the old crone cackled.

She ate her meager supper, sipped her tea and gazed at the stars. Memories of an age gone by when she and her sisters glimpsed the future through the magic eye.

Character count 278

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Home Again a Tell the Story Challenge

finish the story 1.16.19
Photo credit: Rawkkim @ Unsplash

Fandango tagged me for this story challenge where we are supposed to:

  1. write something in response to the photo you are given (above)
  2. pick a picture of your own (see the end of the post), and
  3. tag three other bloggers to do the same.

Home Again

Xerena waved a hand and unbound the wards on her front door. Inserting the key in the mundane lock, she shouldered the door open. Dropping her knapsack on the floor, she looked around. The flat was tiny, old and cluttered, but it was home. Continue reading “Home Again a Tell the Story Challenge”

Just Jot it January 13


For Just Jot it January brought to us by lindaghill.com


Thanks to Teresa for today’s prompt: Undiscovered  


Gwren was flustered. No, it was more like, frustrated, no more like angry, no pissed off, that what he was royally pissed off! He pulled his sword and proceeded to exact his revenge for the unappealing emotion on an unoffending oak tree. He struck and dodged and danced in a training routine, magic flowing into the blade as he struck again and again. It was good to be training, it took all his attention. No distractions. He whirled the blade overhead and brought it down in a solid blow that completely severed a branch the size of an ogre’s arm. Continue reading “Just Jot it January 13”