No matter how long or cold the winter, Spring will always come.

It’s been a while since I posted anything inspirational. So here is my spoonie inspiration for the day. There are days when it seems like winter will never end, there are days when it seems like a disease will never get better. On those days, I try to remember Lilacs. Yes, lilacs, the flowering shrub. I love lilacs, I love their scent, I love their color, the profusion of tiny blossoms. Mostly though, I love lilacs because they are, to me, the heralds of spring. I watch them from the first tiny buds, giddy with anticipation of the beauty that will follow. When disease rears it’s ugly head, I think about the lilacs, and am reminded that, like winter this too will pass and spring will come again. ~Peace ~jpp

The progression of Lilacs near my summer home.

Lilac 1 (2)Lilac 2 (2)

Lilac 3 (2)Lilac 4 (2)

My Place in the World

Sunrise in Kapaa, Kauai/Hawaii

Written for the Daily Post’s Weekly photo challenge: My Place in the World

Kapaa, Kauai/Hawaii

A warm breeze washes over me. Taking with it all my worries. I look down at my hands weathered with age and sun. Gnarled joints like an old tree, still telling stories. A tear slips down my cheek. A tear of joy. They do not hurt. My fingers, for the first time in many years, do not hurt. Chronic pain is one of the many prices we pay for the wisdom and serenity that comes with age. It comes on so gradually and it remains with you day in and day out. You ignore it, you become accustomed to it. After this many years, you don’t really even feel it any more. Until, quite suddenly, you realize that it’s gone. Not many know the joy of the simple absence of pain. Not mere relief from it, but the total absence of it. A few days, even just a few moments, of this euphoric feeling of “not hurt” is cause for serious celebration. I smile, big and wide until my cheeks ache from the effort. Then I bend to pick up a tiny shell and continue my walk.

The Generosity of Accepting Help

3.27.18 Neighbors (4)
Deer Little Friend

One of the more fabulous aspects of RVing is living in close connection with nature. Alone in the midst of a huge RV park, mother nature makes herself known. Had a wonderful visit from a few of the locals early one morning. There were 6 of them but by the time I grabbed my camera, this little gal was all that was left. The others weren’t far away, but little brave one here just stood and looked straight at me. Like she was trying to say “hey lady, throw me out some corn would ya?” I don’t feed wild life. It goes against everything I believe in, but I was so tempted. The demands of day-to-day life continue however, and there are errands to be run, groceries to be acquired. Farewell little deer friend. Continue reading “The Generosity of Accepting Help”

About Balance

Richfield UT 3.18.18-2
My view this morning

When you’re a spoonie with a family of 2 with chronic and autoimmune diseases, kitchen work can be a considerable challenge. We follow two similar yet different diets at our house. I follow WFPB (Whole Food Plant Based) diet, Superhubs is primarily pescetarian. He eats fish, generally once a day, egg whites as an ingredient and occasionally chicken if we eat out. He’s extremely particular about the type and preparation of fish, hence the occasional chicken and eschews all forms of dairy. We eat LOTS of beans, tofu a couple of times per week. Since we are in “travel mode” right now, we eat simple and rather more “packaged” food than we normally would. Today we’re not moving but still follow the same principles. A quick look at our menu for today.

Breakfast: Museli for SH, quick oats for me.
AM snack: SH - 1/2 banana, 1/2 sheet graham cracker, 1/4 cup nuts
 Me - 1/2 banana, 1 rice cake
Lunch: Soup with toasted cheese sandwiches, veggie sticks, chips
PM snack: Both - homemade oil-free humus, crackers, cuties
Dinner: Saag Aloo with chickpea curry
Dessert: Fruit plate, 1/2 spelt muffin w/almond butter (homemade pumpkin butter for me)

As you can see, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It equates in spoon usage to a part-time job. I’ll also do some writing (fiction project) in addition to this and some housework. Trying to figure out how to fit in some exercise since it’s snowing and blowing and too cold outside for my lungs. If the roads clear enough, we may try some “walmart walking” after lunch. Continue reading “About Balance”

The Journey Begins

A couple of Wide-eyed Wandering Spoonies.  Welcome to the adventure.

St Paddy Day

 Picture  from my polyvore account

On the Road Again, St. Patricks Day

We loaded up the “Wandering Star” this morning and headed off towards our summer place in South Dakota. The weather has been wretched for a week now and today was no different. We plan for short travel days on the 2-4-2 plan. Two hundred miles, Four hours, or 2:00 pm, we stop if we hit any one of those. One of the great challenges of being a Wide Eyed Wanderer (aka full-time RVer) is the actual travel. Chronic and autoimmune disease makes afternoon driving difficult to impossible. Weather shifts increase fatigue. I am quite pleased with our 156 miles today.

Continue reading “The Journey Begins”