30 Day Song Challenge – Day 25

30 day song challenge

Today’s prompt: A song you like by an artist no longer living

Oh, man! That’s tough. I’m a child of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, there are just so many great artists that didn’t make it. Musicians that I idolized like the rest of my generation. Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Freddy Mercury, Ritchie Valens, Jim Morrison, John Denver, and of course the late great Jim Croce. I’ve always thought of Jim Croce as one of the greats.  I remember when it happened. I was sitting in my car in the high school parking lot in southern California, the radio announced the news, I sat and cried through the next 5 songs (all Croce’s), I skipped class and drove out to the local reservoir, staring at the water and the mountains wondering how the hell life could be so unpredictable. Ahhh, the lessons of youth. On a brighter note, one of the classics he left behind.

Working at the Car Wash Blues

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Wide Eyed Wanderings – Christchurch, NZ

With a mixture of reluctance and relief we spent our last night in Kyoto, Japan. A fond farewell to Nijo-jo a night’s sleep and we were ready to begin our adventure to New Zealand. The overnight flight was comfortable and we were well cared for on Thai Airlines. After arrival, we spent the day recuperating and honestly, didn’t have a chance to see much of the city. There are numerous cultural and natural activities that are well worth the time to see but for us, this was a brief stop before continuing our journey.

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Let’s play 20 questions. OK how about 17.


I have had a rather disappointing day. Visit with Dr. this morning did NOT go as I wanted and I’m filled with questions and frustrations. So, to snap myself out of my rather maudlin frame of mind, I thought I’d answer some of Teresa’s questions from the haunted wordsmith

Today’s Questions:

  1. Do you prefer to type, write with a pen, or write with a pencil?
  2. If you had to stay up all night, what is one thing that would keep you awake?
  3. Kermit the Frog – Muppets or Sesame Street (versions)?
  4. If you died in ancient Egypt, would your heart be lighter than a feather?
  5. Mythology: Greek, Norse, Roman, or another culture?
  6. What sport would you watch in person but never on television?
  7. If you had a tag line for your life, what would it be?
  8. How do you like your chicken (besides cooked)?
  9. If your kitchen could talk, would it have a horror story?
  10. If you could spend one day with any actor/actress where would you go and what would you do?
  11. What is your favorite museum to visit?
  12. What is the most exotic place you would like to see?
  13. Eco travel – would you be caught zip lining through the Amazon, sleeping in an ice cave in the North, or volunteering in the Galapagos?
  14.  What is your favorite flower?
  15. Do you like your birthstone? (If no, which month do you like better?)
  16. You struck gold, but it’s not your mine…what do you do?
  17. Would you have survived the Oregon Trail?

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FPQ # 2 – Thoughts from a Wisea**


Here we go with round two of Fandango’s Provocative Questions. These are kind of fun, make me think. Oh wait did I just use “fun” and “think” in the same sentence? lol

What do you think is more useful: intelligence or wisdom, and why do you feel that way?”

Oooooh, this is a good one. An issue of which I have deep personal knowledge. For you see, grasshopper, I am both intelligent and wise and IMHO, wisdom trumps intelligence every time.  

Wow, that sounded a wee bit arrogant even to me. Let me explain.

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Liebster Awards 1 & 2


I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award a couple of times recently and, honestly, while I am honored beyond belief; I’ve been so busy traveling that I kind of put them on the back burner. I’m going to combine both nominations into one post for my own convenience and nobody else’s and hope nobody’s offended. Here we go:

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Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 9 Japanese Farmhouse Museum

Headed out to the open air farmhouse museum. The museum is set in a large park area which was hard hit by the recent typhoon and damage is much in evidence. The museum farmhouses were fortunately spared.

20181013_101814 (2)

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Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 6 Osaka Markets

We’re in Osaka, Japan for a few days. Today we’ve decided to tour the big markets. Well, a couple of them anyway, there are many, many different markets here. We passed through many different market areas along the way. Making the obligatory stop in Dotonburi at the Glico man sign. Glico is the maker of pocky candy and for reason’s I don’t quite understand, it is tradition for Japanese visitors to stop on the bridge and have a picture taken in the Glico man pose under the sign. Continue reading “Wide-Eyed World Adventure – 6 Osaka Markets”