Frozen – a ekphrastic poem

dverse poetry 5.22.19
art work by mary frances


Dull grey, chilled ground
decay halts in frozen moments
Mother Earth slumbers
in her cocoon of
leaves made brittle with frost
colors retreat from the cold
still the Mother waits,
with endless patience
for the sun’s return
when the world thaws,
colors flow back to the land
and the dreamer awakens

for dVerse Poets pub

til next time ~Peace ~JPP


2.28.19 Balloons

Escapist Coloring Challenge – February’s gone, March on the way!

Here is my COMPLETED February project! Yeah me, I have completed two coloring pictures, on schedule. I really am so very grateful to for this great challenge. It’s so easy in the business of life to forget to take a few minutes, put on some fab music, and just chill. Having a deadline keeps me accountable and has really helped my “mindful coloring” meditation. I just let my mind go blank and focus on the colors and the page. So thanks to all of my fellow colorers and, if you haven’t taken up this challenge yet, come on and join in this ever so serene activity. Without further gilding of the lily, voila, I call it “balloons.”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP


Spoonie Saturday – new creative outlets

Anybody who’s followed me for awhile knows I’m a spoonie and a little bit of what that entails. Sometimes we spoonies need to explore a different creative channel and this year I’m trying to do just that. So imagine my delight when I found theĀ Escapist Coloring Club over at Awesome! I love to color, it’s relaxing and creative and … did I mention it’s coloring? How cool is that.

I do art journal pages including some sort of art, usually collages, drawings, bits from colored pages etc. and the add some sort of writing, poetry, story, musings, etc. So for the first Saturday of the January Escapist Coloring Club Challenge, here’s what I’m working on. Somewhere along the way this month, I’ll show you some examples of what I do with these “art works” I create.

My January Coloring Project:

20190103_170502 (2)20190103_170530 (2)

As you can see, I started simple. Check it out and join in the fun!

Til next time ~May the spoons be ever in your favor ~JPP