What Do You See Challenge – Life’s Balloons

WDYS 12.31.19

“I don’t have an inner child. I have an inner old lady who wears funny hats, tells everybody to be quiet and goes to bed at 8:00”

For the What Do You See Challenge

Life like a Balloon

Life is like a bunch of balloons
one for every year
Made up of brilliant colors
and lots of hot air
within it’s fragile shell

Anchored to this world
by the ridiculous clown
of societal norms and expectations
until one day we’ll break free
and then oh how high we’ll soar

Red Balloon – Charli XC

Til next time ~Let go and Soar ~JPP

What Do You See – Dreams

wdys 12.9.19

For the What Do You See prompt. Great prompt Sadje, do pop over and read the other contributions, you won’t regret it. 🙂


I ride a thin wedge of safety
In the darkness of my dream
between me and what may have been

Pointed stalagmites threaten
their tips sharp as any spear
a scream in emptiness, no sound appears

Dim and far away dawn beckons me
I travel towards the glowing light
beckoning me onward beyond the night

word count 53

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

What Do You See? — Encounter with Air

WDYS 10.28.19

Sadje of “Keep it Alive” is resurrecting the What Do You See Prompt, here’s what she has to say:

Dear friends, as some of you know that our dear Hélène used to do this Prompt and after her sad departure, I have felt that this gap needs to be filled. I have decided to take this challenge up and as a trial, I will post 4 challenges for the next 4 Mondays at 12:00 am PST, every Monday morning. And we shall see where to go from there. I hope that you will respond to your posts.


You can write a post on your blog and create a ping back to link to the original post.
Write an original story, poem or a caption.
You have six days to respond to the Prompt.
I will try to reblog your response on my blog.
There is no limit to words or format but keep it family friendly.
I will do a round up next Sunday before the next Prompt is posted.
Please tag your responses with #Whatdoyousee

Encounter with Air

She gazed upward, straining her neck and bending her back to see the top of him. He stood in magnificence, Guardian of Air, powerful, frightening, and beautiful. Star smiled, just slightly, and summoned her Voice. Continue reading “What Do You See? — Encounter with Air”