Fire – a Stream of Consciousness Poem

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday where our prompt is:
Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “bowl.” Use it as a noun or a verb—use it any way you’d like. Enjoy!

photo from Unsplash

Fire burn within my bowl
burn away all pain and fear
warm the corners of my soul
come into me as I inhale
the smoke of sweetgrass braid
give me strength to remember
they can’t make fire feel afraid

Elapsed time bicfok (butt in chair, fingers on keyboard) 20 min

Til next time ~May your hearth burn bright ~JP

Dwarves and Witches – a Crimson Creative Challenge

Follow the Light

“Go” they said, “follow the light
find the path of the gods so bright
that you may find your second sight.”

I found no altar to the kindly Sun
but a pulsing light I must out run
a single shot from the Corpsemaker Gun

*Corpsemaker Gun – a huge thermal cannon developed by the Mechdwarves during the War of the Witches.

Word count 65

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge # 205

Til next time ~When the Queen is unhappy, the land is not happy. When the Witch is unhappy … RUN ~JP

Happy Place a Stream of Consciousness Poem

My view

Happy Place

I’ve had my times of grief and sadness
I’ve had my days of joy and gladness
days when bruises covered my face
nights on my knees praying for grace
But yesterday’s sorrows are over
no more looking back over my shoulder
these days my time is more likely spent
weeding the garden or painting a fence
I’ve found my sanctuary, love and home
never again to face cold nights alone
joy suffuses the smile on my face
I’m here with you in our happy place

This post inspired by Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Happy Place.

Til next time ~Have a Spooktacular weekend ~JP

Grandmother Tree – Crimson Creative Challenge Tale

Time for another reach into the dark recesses of my creative mind. When I looked at the picture prompt, all I saw was Gaia weeping, dark clouds of tears. OK could, possibly been influenced by listening to Blackmore’s Night lately.

digital collage from my polyvore collection

Grandmother Tree

On a craggy old clifftop
there once grew an elegant tree
her branches were strong
but it wasn’t too long
‘ere they named her
“The Olde Hanging Tree”

Time and again, they strung up a man
on branches barren of leaves
stumps twisted and dark
it soon broke her heart
innocent souls lost on
The Olde Hanging Tree

One day they brought a young woman
practicing witchcraft she had been seen
despite her innocent cries
they condemned her to die
by a rope hung from
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

They left her choking and dying
there came a terrible sound
the wind gave a scream
there on the ground
lay the last branch of
The Olde Hangin’ Tree

Now the tree blooms brightly
in springtime, as the girl dances
Tree and wind sing their song
branches covered with leaves
and she named her
“Grandmother Tree”

Word count 146

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge

Til next time ~Be Kind ~JP

Where You’ll Find Me – a Stream of Consciousness Poem

Fall Leaves

On the edge of October
in the season of the witch
when breezes stir the leaves
my nose begins to twitch
the smell of Autumn in the air
redolent with spice and memory
and scrumptious colors everywhere
when with heart, not eyes, we see
in the space between here and there
that’s where you’ll always find me

Elapsed time: 12 minutes (to posting)

word count: 57

This bit of Autumn poetry inspired by Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “me.” Find a word that starts with “me” or use the word “me” as the theme of your post. Have fun!

Til next time ~Breathe in the beauty ~JP

A Quixotic Little Rhyme for Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Oh mistletoe, mistletoe
hanging on the tree
or hanging in the archway
where lovers steal
a kiss, or three
but as a token
of affection
there’s really not
much connection
mistletoe for lovers
seems a ghastly oversight
kissing in the doorway
beneath a hemiparasite

This quirky bit of nonsense inspired by Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 202

Til next time ~Winter is coming ~JP

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Out of Spoons

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “home.” Use it as a noun, a verb, an adjective, or an adverb. Enjoy!

Worked on the deck, sanding, painting, you know WORK! Too out of spoons to give a fork, but “home” in some way will always remind me of the 13 years we spent in our house on wheels, the SS Minnie Winnie. Yep, that’s 13 years, full time two people in 200 square feet of living space. Let the good times roll.

“Home is wherever we park it.” ~Me and Superhubs whenever someone asked “where’s home?” 😉

Til next time ~Stay Wild Flowerchild ~JP

Mystery Solved a Stream of Consciousness poem

from my polyvore dolls collection

For Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday : Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ring.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Bonus points if you use it as both. Have fun!

Mystery Solved

Ring, ring what’s that I hear?
a cell phone held up to my ear?
or is it songs the birdies sing?
is it katydid’s buzzing wings?
the grating of lawnmowers buzz?
a cat screeching just because?
or squeaking brakes on the local bus?
oh wait, it’s just my dratted tinnitus,
mystery solved.

elapsed time 12 minutes (I got distracted)

Til next time ~ Listen to the sounds of silence ~JP

When I Am Old – a Crimson Creative Challenge Poem

When I Am Old

When I am old I shall wear
cotton skirts with combat boots
which I shall carry as I muddy
my hem walking barefoot in the forest
I shall sit at the edge of the pond
and dip my toes in the icy water
I shall drink a cheap wine coolers
from icy bottles on a summer day
and I shall write my most secret wish
upon a leaf, stuff it in the bottle
and launch my wishes into the pond
I’ll watch as it bobs away
headed for it’s destination of nowhere
but for now, I think I shall take off my
sensible shoes and walk barefoot
in my own grass, and write my wish
on a leaf and blow it into the wind
and practice a little for that time
when I am old

word count 136

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge #200

Til next time ~don’t take life too seriously, you’re not gonna get out of it alive ~JP