Boats at Harbor – a Crimson Creative Challenge

Boats at Harbor

Boats in the harbor
safe from the storm
duties discharged
crews put to shore

I can’t help but wonder
do they sleep as they float
or when the stars come out
do they become party boats

Perky’s Floating Bar – Queenstown, NZ

This post brought to you by Crimsons Creative Challenge # 198

til next time ~Listen to the sounds of water ~JP

By Moonlight – a Crimson Creative Challenge

By Moonlight

Watching from the shore
skies pinken as the sun
prepares to rest his head
and the moon picks up
her nightly chore
to light the world
with subtle glow
for dreaming souls
can only find their way
by moonlight

Inspired by Crimsons Creative challenge #197

Til next time ~ Let yourself glow ~JP

The Poet and a Cow

A Cow’s Life

Summer grasses turning brown
as September beckons to me
with promises of flaming crowns
of red and gold on every tree

A cow contemplates the grass
basking in the sun she seems
quite content with her repast
and I wonder, does she dream

what thoughts are hidden in her mind
does she ponder me, I wonder
long-lashed eyes look deep and kind
she sheds a tear for the end of summer

word count 74

For Crimsons Creative Challenge #196

Til next time ~take time to ruminate ~JP

Watch for the Fairies – a Crimson Creative Challenge poem

Watch for the Fairies

The forest reflected in still water
green with growth lit by bright sun
a tiny camouflaged water sprite
looks for danger and finding none
other sprites with their flowery hair
pop up from beneath, look around
the trill of a sparrow fills the air
and the sprites all at once
are everywhere

they pop up like water flowers
diminutive beauties and their tiny beaus
like feathers in the wind
they dive and dance wherever they go
here one moment and then
gone again

This post inspired by Crimsons Creative Challenge 195

Til next time ~watch for the fairies ~JP

The Weapon – a Crimson Creative Challenge Micro Fiction

Our Crimson Creative Challenge this week is the fabulous clock pictured. Wow! For some reason it puts me in mind of a different time, a different world.

The clock ticked on. Gwren was growing restless and it showed. Javvir smiled that infuriating smile teachers have. “The blade reaches it target at the right time, never early,” he reassured.

Gwren shot an irritated glance at his mentor, “you speak of her as if she were a weapon.”

“She is the Starblade,” came with a shrug.

Gwren snatched a dagger from one boot and flicked it at the rail where it promptly exploded into white fire sending humans and monsters alike scurrying. “I am a weapon,” he kicked out with a low sweep nearly knocking Javvir’s feet from beneath him. “She is the spark of desire that drives the blade. She is the magic of ice and fire, of wind and soil. She is a woman.”

Javvir shook his head, a smile quirking one lip “and you my friend are a besotted fool. There she is.”

word count 148 (Whew that took some editing!)

Til next time ~May your Mondays be short, but not too short ~JP

Return of the Goddess – a Crimson Creative Challenge

For Crimsons Creative Challenge # 193 A response photo and newly minted adage, maybe more of an aphorism, proverb, saying, thing.

Spring Creek flood May 2019 Rapid City SD

There are those who say the Goddess is gone and shall never return. But there are those among us who believe she will come back and she’ll come back swinging.

Til next time ~A mother’s love is unconditional, her temper not so much ~JP

Looking for Shade – a micro tale

Crimsons Creative Challenge # 190

Looking for Shade – a micro tale

She saw the sign that forbade entry, but it was long disused and overgrown. At the far side of the meadow were trees that beckoned with the promise of shade, a welcome respite from the steaming undergrowth of the fens. She hopped the low fence and trudged slowly on. Until she heard the rustle of movement in the grass, she stopped and strained her ears to hear the high-pitched pop giggle. “Gaushi! Fens Fairies!” With their sharp little teeth they were quite a spiteful nuisance, so she did what any sensible water witch would do. She RAN!

Word count 98

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Through the Blades a Crimson’s Creative Challenge

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 189

Through the Blades

I lay on the grass
gazing up at the tress
watching as branches
danced in the breeze

I looked through the blades
and what should appear
but the small fluffy form
and a young little deer

with a turn of the head
and a blink of the eye
a small fairy approached
yellow wings on the fly

I never again knew
a vision so grand
as my tiny glimpse
at that magical land

Word count 73

Til next time ~Those who do not believe in magic will never find it~

Peace ~JP