Crimson’s Creative Challenge – Memories of the Path

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge 118

Memories of the Path

Down the path to the river we go
along the trail the fairies know
to visit playful sprites and gnomes
in muddy banks I’ll sink my toes
where the sweet Fae Princess laughs
in splashing waters burbling past
we bow as one when her highness sings
of ancient days of wars and kings
as the chilling water prickles my toes
I hear Daddy’s call “it’s time to go”


Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

Crimson Creative Challenge – Goodbye Again

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 117

Goodbye Again

Heavy grey clouds today
blocking out the sun
I watch you turn away to go
and the tears begin to come
I happy with the time we share
even when we’re far apart
when I can’t hold you in my arms
I’ll hold you in my heart

Yeah, I’m on a bit of a nostalgic trip today. Man I miss John Denver!

Til next time ~stay wild moon child ~JP

Hikers Lament

For Crimsons Creative Challenge 114

Hikers Lament

Dried winter reeds whip around my legs
as my foot crunches through thin ice
making a small splash of freezing water
“hurry, hurry” the wind whispers it’s call
through the trees, eyes on silent wings
I nod to my companions that I’m OK
strong enough to continue, but somewhere
deep down, deep inside I feel squelching,
dampness and pinpricks of pain
as my soggy sock creeps down into my shoe
… ewwwwww …

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

A twisted tail

Round and round the light did turn
casting shapes upon the waves
dolphins leap and waters churn
imaginings mortal memory saves
ships of wood and men of steel
twisted tales from days of old
siren’s dirge the bells doth peal
from waters deep and bitter cold

For Crimsons Creative Challenge #113
also linked to JusJoJan #8

Til next time ~stay trippy hippies ~JP


For Crimsons Creative Challenge 112
also linked to JusJoJan


Let me sit at the feet of sages
content to receive the learning
with gladdened heart and open mind

To learn the Holy Mysteries
of the Sacred Ordinary nights
and Mystically Mundane days

Years turn to reflections
like mirrors to my soul
of days that I have known

Wonders shining back at me
filled with promise of futures
and blessings as yet unseen


Til next time ~Stay trippy fellow hippies ~JP

Crimsons Creative Challenge – Elf on a Post

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 110

Elf on the Post

He leapt from the window
so happy and free
grabbed on to the post
and he giggled with glee
no more sitting idle
all alone on the shelf
it’s barstools and hotties
for this wandering elf
from the tip of the lamp post
he stared at the ground
just one problem remained
how the heck to get down …

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

CCC – Lovers Leap

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge 109

Lovers Leap

Waves pound against the beach
far below the “lovers leap”
tourists come to gawk in vain
searching for the charred remains
where lovers leapt to their demise
their dirge a seagull’s mournful cry
rest they here beyond sorrow’s reach
as waves pound against the beach


Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 106 – Words on Walls

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 106

Words on Walls

words of love
words of hate
written with chalk
written with paint
sometimes with the blood
of the artist’s soul
with anger or passion
too absolute
words written on walls
words written of truth


Unattributed photo found on Pinterest and weheartit – quote Jimi Hendrix

Til next time ~Peace ~JP

Of Shadow and Light – a Crimson Creative Challenge

Of Shadow and Light

In the forest’s dark shroud
stood a wee, tiny house
not home to a human,
squirrel, or mouse
where the fairies came
to dance and to play
they come out at twilight
and at break of day

By the old oak whose bark
is all twisted and curled
in the dark of the glade
lies the fairies’ small world
by the light of the moon
I glimpsed me a sight
of a world half in shadow
and half way in light

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Til next time  ~Peace ~JP