Fall of Knowledge a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 12.18.19

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Fall of Knowledge

“But the button fell off, I’ll have to replace it.” Mary whined.

“Why didn’t you just sew the button back on?” Grandma asked with exagerated patience.

Mary looked baffled.

“Child, we didn’t always have machines to do our chores. Once we did things for ourselves.” With that Grandmother pulled a triangular frame from her desk and began pointing out the ancient tools, telling the story of each, the fish-hook carved from bone, the stone adze, awls. All valuable tools made from gifts of the earth.

Mary smiled “but why work that hard when I can just have a replicator create another coat?”

Grandmother sighed as Mary darted out the door. How long she wondered before Mary’s generation would forget not only the old ways but even how to repair the machines they themselves had created.

word count 135

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Proper Milk – a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 12.13.19

“PROPER MILK!” Betty gasped when she read the sign.

Wanderer was not so enthusiastic. She was as sick of the replicator goo that passed for “food” as the full humans, but she was leery. How could this one little farm in the middle of nowhere have escaped the invasion that had left the entire area barren? At her command the entire group stealthily made their way to the opening in the trees where she saw the farmhouse in ruins, corpses still where they had fallen. Wanderer sighed, another burial detail, but perhaps there would be something left in the barn.

word count 100

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge #57 – do pop over and give some of the outstanding contributions a read.

Skye Boat Song – Ella Roberts

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

A Strange Pet – Crimson’s Creative Challenge

ccc 12.6.19

Cris over at Crimson’s Creative Challenge has provided us a fabulous image prompt and I seem to be on a bit of a raptor kick this week.

A Strange Pet

The guardian stood proud above the entrance to the sanctuary. It looked so real, every feather, talon and beak cast in perfection. Verdigris of age and winding ivy only serving to make the old monument more awe inspiring. Faelynn stood back gazing at the stone eagle ten times the size of a modern bird of prey. She began to wave her ironwood wand in an complex series of swoops and swirls while she chanted her counter spell.

With agonizing slowness color began to return to his feathers, as he stretched them out to their three meter span. Landing next to Faelynn, his head coming past her waist, he bowed gracefully.

Faelynn smiled, one dark spell undone. She turned to leave when the giant eagle nudged her with his enormous head.¬† “Oh great,” she thought “what am I going to do with a giant bird?” Faelynn smiled at the possibilities.

Word count 149

Fly Like an Eagle – Steve Miller Band

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

The Lady’s Tree a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 11.29.19

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge. I admit I did not research what a bronze age henge was. I saw a tree, three circles, and …. magic. Olde magic. So here we go.

You have plenty of scope and only two criteria:

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less

The Lady’s Tree

Come my children
come with me
to dance around
the lady’s tree

dance ye lovelies
my maidens young
your feet be bared
and hair undone

come ye mothers
with face still fair
dance with joy and
flowers in your hair

Come ye crones
dance once more
with grace and wisdom
unknown before

Come and dance
maiden, mother and crone
welcome the magic
sing the olde song

Word count 69

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Enough – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 11.6.19

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge 52 – I love this challenge there’s plenty of creative scope and only two criteria

  • Your creative offering is indeed yours
  • Your writing is kept to 150 words or less


The wolf eyed her suspiciously, his black fur matted from a dozen or more wounds. The girl fought fiercely, wielding her two small tomahawk blades with the controlled power of a master. Daerwyn watched her with burning eyes, what was she waiting for? She must know he was spent, why not finish him?

Daerwyn flinched as the girl drew back her arm and flipped the tomahawks in rapid succession. They somersaulted through the air before striking the trunk of a tree. He cocked his head in confusion. The girl sank to her knees, lifted her face to the sky and cried “NO MORE!” She knelt on the leaf strewn forest floor, head bowed. Daerwyn saw she was as weary as he.

She spoke softly “Kill me if you must Wolf, but your death will not come by my hand. I have seen enough blood spilled to last many lifetimes.”

Word count 149

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Water Magic – a Crimson Creative Challenge

CCC 10.11.19

For Crimson’s Creative Challenge # 48

Water Magic 

Here where the water lies golden
where the pink blossoms sway
here near the arch of ancients
the water slyphs come out to play

They dance across the water
they sing the breeze’s soft song
here they practice their magic
as they laugh all the day long

I know for there I have seen them
deep on a mid summers eve
they flew by on gossimer wings
then hidden behind emerald leaves

word count 72

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

Windows – a Crimson Creative Challenge

ccc 10.2.19

For Crimsons Creative Challenge # 47, Cris gives us the lovely picture to inspire. Here is my creative attempt, for everyone who has ever sat with duck tape and glitter glue gently putting their broken hearts and lives back together.

Windows – a Crimson Creative Challenge

Old woman with gnarled hands
gently caresses refracted light
shining through windows
of artistic delight

Long ago her hands held
shards of her broken heart
bitter greens and lifeless blues
bits and pieces torn apart

With courage and grace
she gently built a work of art
bringing the pieces back together
a stained glass window in her heart

People laugh at her art forms
cracks and gaps just aren’t right
The old woman laughs and says
“It’s the cracks that let in the light”

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP