One Liner Wednesday – Somedays


For Linda’s One Liner Wednesday — cause somedays …. well you know.

12.11.19 Put on the hat
photo/art from Pinterest (sorry no origin link available)

Allright, I’m off to deal with some unruly dust bunnies hiding in my utensil drawer. 😉 Happy Wednesday.

Witchy Woman – The Eagles

Til next time ~Peace ~JPP

One Liner Wednesday – Don’t poke the dragon


Congratulations to Linda our one-liner Wednesday host on her nanowrimo progress. You go girl!

speak politely

There are times when a Spoonie’s day is measured by whether or not you have enough strength to take a shower. Today is such a day here at Chez Spoons, but like Linda “I’m gonna make it.” It snowed yesterday and a cyclone bomb is coming our way Friday so we went to town today while the sun was still out and the roads at least partly thawed for the remaining supplies needed for the week ahead. It was crazy, insane, waaay too peopley, and perhaps a little more than this Spoonie should have taken on. But ….

It’s a delicate balancing act between knowing when to tell your disease “you’re not the boss of me” and when to listen to it’s need to rest.

Today I will speak politely to the enraged dragon of my immune system. I will rest, and drink hot beverages, and be thankful for the peace of Thanksgiving eve.

Til next time ~Peace to you ~JPP